Leadership Development

We help leaders and managers learn to embrace and develop new competencies and behaviors to improve their individual and wider team performance to provide organizational impact.


LHH successfully helps organizations reveal and nurture their internal talent through leadership development, assessments, coaching, and upskilling solutions. LHH supports companies to realize their untapped potential within their own workforce, resulting in increased productivity, morale, brand affinity, and business impact.

We help businesses challenge and inspire leaders to perform at their personal best and create commercially successful organizations, led by trusted executive boards and top teams. Our expertise is focused and local, but our reach is global.

LHH’s leadership and talent assessments identify clear attributes that reveals the opportunity in every person, at every level of the organization.

Our approach rests on four key principles:

  • Business alignment: leadership development must support your organization’s strategy and be guided by the you want to create.
  • Behavioral shift: development starts with an awareness of mindset and a willingness to change behaviors where necessary to support accountability.
  • Culture change: development and responsibility encourages accountability at every level of the organization.
  • Measurable results: outcomes should be measured by data that shows its impact against investment.

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LHH LD benefits

Why LHH?


We have successfully partnered with individuals and businesses to unlock their true potential, benefiting both them and the wider business. We combine leading-edge technology and proven psychological development tools to provide scalable solutions to organizations of every size across all industries.


If you wish to develop your leaders, LHH will design the solutions that will provide you with the desired impact.


We take a human-first approach and adapt according to the needs of each leader and each organization. Every leader we work with benefits from exposure to the latest assessment techniques, e-learning tools, and individual and/or group coaching alongside instructor-led sessions.


Leadership development

At LHH, we support organizations just like yours to meet your business goals through a range of coaching solutions and leadership development programs.


What is leadership development?


Leadership development is a journey an individual takes to better understand their strengths so they can leverage those strengths for enhanced performance in their role. It is a process of personal and professional discovery. Equally, leadership development aims at drawing individuals’ attention on their potential areas for improvement, which at times may prevent them from growing as a leader and from delivering the leadership impact they wish to have.


For organizations, leadership development is an investment in your employees. By doing so, you establish an environment in which your employees can develop and grow, which can benefit your organization in numerous ways.


By leadership development solutions to leaders, organizations can:


  • Retain the best talent. Leaders recognize how beneficial leadership development is for their careers and their success and for thriving in the job they perform. By supporting them in their development, you are investing in them, and they recognize this. It will encourage your leaders to stay with you and grow in a way that makes sense for them and for your business.
  • Build the talent your business needs. Leadership development supports your business strategy by helping your leaders and managers to acquire and to further develop the leadership competencies they need to deliver on your strategy.
  • Build happier teams. Corporate culture is driven by the morale and attitudes of those at the top. By investing in your leaders, you raise their morale. This helps to raise the morale of other team members, which increases engagement and improves retention.
  • Create better, more impactful leaders. The more impactful your managers, the more productive your employees, generally. Leadership development improves a leaders’ ability to make better decisions on behalf of the organization and to support their direct reports in the further development their own skills.


Individual leaders recognize the benefits exposure to a leadership development brings. They benefit by:


  • Developing their skills and strengths to push them forward in their role and career.
  • Having the time, space, support, and resources to make positive changes, both personally and professionally.
  • Being offered the opportunity to stay up to date in their leadership practices.
  • Performing at their best with their teams. Effective leadership increases team effectiveness. By empowering your leaders to reach their own potential they can bring out the best in their teams.


Who do we help?


Your leadership development interventions can be built around the four key career moments:

  1. Integrate – when you recruit new leaders, we can help them build relationships and a productive and engaged working environment to drive performance
  2. Elevate – when your leaders need a lift to drive themselves forward, we can support them to do so
  3. Navigate –we help leaders learn how to organize and inspire others to help their teams reach output and performance targets
  4. Accelerate – leaders who have what it takes to be great leaders are supported to reach their full potential


When you invest in your people – every organization’s greatest asset – you invest in your organization.


LHH offers all types of coaching: we support individuals from managerial and up to C-suite levels.


Our coaching offering was designed to help your organization reach its true potential.


  • Premier executive coaching. Bespoke support for C-suite, board members and executives who want to make positive changes to their career or business
  • Signature 1:1 coaching. Personalized support tailored to your employee’s personal and/or business goals
  • Group coaching. Strengthen how your teams collaborate and improve performance with our group coaching solution


Perfect match between your leaders and their coach


LHH has more than 2,000 coaches globally, working across 66 countries and covering 45 languages. These coaches are certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).


We listen to your objectives and allocate the coach best-placed to help you meet those objectives. Within our large pool of coaches, we are confident to find the perfect profile to support your leaders with experiences in the right industry, hierarchical level, exposure to relevant business challenges, local language, etc. We strongly recommend a chemistry meeting before any coaching engagement to start, which ensures your leader is comfortable with the suggested coach. If not, alternatives will always be offered for everyone to confidently start any coaching engagement.

Executive Coaching

The executive coaching is designed to help leaders develop and leverage their strengths so they can perform more effectively in their role. They will identify and address blind spots and change mindset and behaviors, when necessary, to allow them to adapt constructively to changes within your organization.

  • The executive coaching is structured as follows: Carry out a full assessment to develop self-awareness
  • Provide feedback to create acceptance and maximize motivation to change
  • Create and implement an action plan
  • Agree on the desired results (personal and business)
  • Collect and analyze data-driven results


LHH has developed a framework that captures the most common priorities Executives want and need to be coached on:


executive coaching

Talent Management & Assessments

Having the right talent at the right place at the right time and with the right skills is an everyday challenge. With our wide range of assessment solutions, we can help you address any challenge your organization is facing:


  • How to identify my high potentials in a fair, reliable, and accepted manner?
  • How to accelerate the development of my leaders to accelerate their readiness to take on higher or expanded roles?
  • How to ensure people are investing their efforts in developing the skills that will make a real difference?
  • How to ensure I have a supply of talent ready to replace those who will retire soon?
  • How to improve the quality of our promotion decisions?
  • How to ensure that external people we hire have the right skill set and mindset to be successful in our organization?


If any of these challenges sounds familiar to you, then you are in the right place! Our LHH experts will be designing with you the relevant solutions that deliver value to both your organizations and your talents.


Our approach is rooted into your business strategy and its implications on your people strategy and talent requirements


Talent Management Assessments

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