LinkedIn for Businesses – Tips for Recruiting

We show you how you can best use LinkedIn for recruiting.
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The business channel LinkedIn is becoming increasingly crucial for companies: With a professional profile, you can acquire customers and recruit employees. We provide tips.

With 18 million active users in the DACH region and 875 million users worldwide in 2022, LinkedIn is one of the most relevant social business networks. Therefore, it has almost become a given that nearly every company manages a profile on LinkedIn.

The advantages of LinkedIn for businesses are clear: it allows you to attract attention, create reach, acquire customers, or recruit new employees. Hence, it's worthwhile for companies to expand and regularly update their profiles. But how do you create a good company profile and find suitable employees?

Effectively Using LinkedIn as a Company

When creating a LinkedIn company page, it's essential to be clear about the goal you want to achieve. Do you want to build a professional network, generate customers, increase your brand's visibility, share relevant industry information or recruit new candidates?

Additionally, consider who your target audience is. Is it other companies (in your industry), potential customers, industry experts, bloggers, freelancers or job seekers?

Depending on what and who you want to reach on LinkedIn, you can choose from various memberships. Besides the free version for companies, you can get more out of your page by investing in a premium membership.


Tips and Tricks on LinkedIn for Successful Recruiting

Firstly, it is important to determine the target audience you want to address. Create detailed personas with your team to precisely identify the individuals you want to reach out to.

Optimising Job Descriptions

A crucial part of your recruiting strategy on LinkedIn involves job postings. You can integrate these into your company profile under Jobs. Use clear structures, formulations and relevant keywords in the descriptions to make your ads discoverable in potential candidates' searches.

Highlight the tasks your new employee will perform and the requirements you have for potential candidates. To draw attention to your job posting and increase its reach, you can link it in a post.

Moreover, always try to include a call-to-action in your posts, urging readers to take action or linking them to further information.

Expand Your Network

LinkedIn thrives on interaction with contacts, even if you know them only through other connections. Gain visibility by sending connection requests to people in your industry or the same professional field. However, connection requests are limited to about 100 per week.

Encourage Employee Engagement

Every employee can help draw attention to your job postings by creating their own posts on relevant topics or sharing available posts. As an administrator, you can recommend your employees' posted content. The employees can then publish a recommended post, making it appear as if it comes directly from the employee.

You can also encourage your employees to create their own posts and provide them with guidelines and materials such as images and logos. A reference to available positions from a genuine, satisfied employee creates more trust in your company.

Send InMails

InMail messages allow you to specifically contact potential candidates and increase response rates. You also receive analytics and can work faster with custom templates.

Closing Tips

1. Invite Followers: As a page administrator, invite users to follow your company account. This helps users discover your company page and job offerings more quickly. This is especially beneficial if you want to stay in touch with potential candidates.

2. Clever InMail Use: Send personalized messages with concise and precise subjects and include your contact information and a call-to-action urging potential employees to contact you.

3. Employee Recommendations: Post what employees appreciate about your company. Besides a positive work environment, empathy and trust are crucial factors. Show what your testimonials like about their workplace and encourage your followers to contact you for an authentic view of the work. 

Additionally, similar to Facebook, you can also draw attention to your own events by creating and sharing an event.

How to use your LinkedIn company profile correctly

A well-maintained LinkedIn business page can help position you as an attractive employer for applicants. Complete your company profile with profile pictures, cover images, and descriptions. Set a goal and publish content that aligns with it, providing added value to your followers. Encourage user interaction with your content, ideally through compelling calls-to-action. Furthermore, LinkedIn allows you to directly connect with potential customers and new employees.

Moreover, candidates often look at the employer's social media channels and business profiles while choosing an employer. A professional LinkedIn profile might convince some candidates or customers about your company.

Do you want to use LinkedIn to recruit talents? Besides a good and comprehensive company profile, there are other ways to attract the best candidates.

If you lack the time to create and maintain a professional LinkedIn profile, contact our consultants. They can help find suitable candidates for your open positions or support you in advertising your jobs.