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Our MRX is the ideal solution for anyone who needs to fill several positions quickly and permanently.

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Digital recruiting support with LHH Recruitment Solutions




Our MRX is the ideal solution for anyone needing to fill multiple permanent positions quickly. With our MRX services, we offer:

  • A client-centric recruitment design process. We build the strategy to meet your volume hiring needs.

  • A fully digital process and centralized point of contact, allowing you to hire in the most efficient way possible.

  • Short-term campaigns with no long-term commitment

  • Built-in analytics and data analysis to evaluate success

  • Brand monitoring and consulting to ensure that you become the employer of choice for talent.


If your company is experiencing unprecedented growth, undertaking a merger or acquisition, facing regulatory changes within your industry, or launching a new product or service, the MRX solution from LHH Recruitment Solutions may be the right fit.



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As a recruitment company, LHH Recruitment Solutions specialises in providing companies with staff and offering candidates suitable jobs.


Over 8,000 colleagues in 66 countries worldwide work with more than 15,000 companies and almost 500,000 applicants every year.
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