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Kerry Simmons Press Release 2 mins

In 2017, we received the award for Managing Change in partnership with BAE Systems and we are proud to announce we have been shortlisted for two more awards this year:

Diversity and Inclusion – Private Sector Award Shortlist, 2018

We have been partnering with Santander to support their Diversity and Inclusion strategy to create greater equality and opportunity for women in senior leadership positions. As a part of their commitment to the Women in Finance HM Treasury Charter and their ambitious targets to increase the number of senior female roles to 50% (+/- 10%) by 2021 we designed a talent development programme called Accelerating You. This was specifically designed for women at the mid-tier level to help support, progress and retain their top female talent. 

To date, 298 high potential females have been through the Accelerating You programme and so it is great to be recognised for this award. Both Santander and LHH Penna are extremely proud of this programme which helps embed a culture of inclusivity that not only brings about success for women within Santander but also for those aspiring to work in the company and the industry. 

If you would like to know more about this work, get in touch with Fiona Samouelle on 0207 334 8060 or fiona.samouelle@lhhpenna.com  

Managing Change Award Shortlist, 2018

AstraZeneca believes the best way to meet today’s science challenges is to work openly and collaboratively with the world’s best scientists. As a result, the business decided to move the majority of their R&D centre to a newly built centre in Cambridge. This had a number of people related challenges and so AstraZeneca partnered with us to support their employees from their North West centre.  

They successfully relocated 38% of their employees and worked with us to provide outplacement support and employee engagement initiatives throughout this significant change. It is fantastic news to be recognised for the second year running on successfully helping clients manage change and we are delighted to support AstraZeneca with their critical talent objectives. 

If you would like to know more about this work, get in touch with Nigel Owen on 07885 464344 or nigel.owen@lhhpenna.com

Managing Change Award Winners, 2017

You can see the full video of the work we achieved with BAE Systems that helped us win the Award for Managing Change in 2017 here.

If you would like to know more about this work, get in touch with Jonathan Hall on 07717 337 047 or jonathan.hall@lhhpenna.com


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