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Our career development services give your employees more control over their future, make it easier for managers to retain talent, and can improve your reputation as an employer.

Organisations’ business needs are evolving quickly. But a lack of obvious career opportunities can cause high-performing and high-potential employees to look elsewhere, leading to a loss of institutional knowledge and skills.

Lee Hecht Harrison Penna works with you and your key talent by supporting their career development and aligning their goals with yours. We:

  • help employees assess opportunities and take control of their career paths.
  • turn managers into talent developers to create a more committed and productive workforce.
  • ensure that accountability for career development is shared between employees, managers, and organisations.

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We’ll help you find a new job or career quickly. 
We have helped over 30,000,000 people around the world find a new job. With thousands of jobs in your industry, connections to more than 7,000 employers and recruiters, and over 2,000 career coaches, we have everything you need to find a new job or career path you'll love.

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