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From financial services, real estate and construction, legal, IT, energy and more, our expert consultants, facilitators, and coaches know what it takes for you to succeed in your industry.

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We are a trusted partner with deep expertise across many industries including financial services, legal, construction, IT and many more.
Financial Services
LHH provides experienced recruiters and career advisors who come from the Financial Service industry, providing specialist support for a range of talent issues. The financial services sector continues to evolve with automation changing processes and there is an increase in demand for more complex solutions from clients. LHH has a successful track record of helping clients attract the best talent to help organisations keep their competitive edge and have placed many skilled professionals into financial services roles.
As the building and construction sector continues to grow, businesses are in urgent need of talented professionals to meet the needs of their clients and business objectives. With a shift in working processes, modernisation and automation, businesses need to attract skilled talent to future proof their operations. With over 40 years building and construction industry experience, LHH are well placed to support job seekers looking for interesting new roles and businesses seeking talented professionals to excel in their business. Discover how we can help your business be ready for next.
Specialising in talent solutions for the Media industry, LHH provides experienced industry recruiters and career advisors who can help address talent needs and challenges. The media industry has experienced vast changes from the way we consume content, to on-demand availability of programming. Companies have had to adapt to stay competitive; whilst at the same time taking advantage of the booming opportunities as content demand is greater than ever. Finding the right people with the right skills to ensure you stay ahead of the curve is where LHH can support.
IT & Digital
The talent shortage is particularly acute in the IT sector which continues to suffer from too few job seekers to fill the current vacancies. With technology continuing to evolve at pace, businesses cannot afford to have unfilled vacancies for an extended period. With lucrative compensation packages abundant within the sector, what can businesses do to attract the right talent for their needs? Our specialist IT and digital recruitment consultants have industry knowledge and have built an extensive network of candidates looking for new challenges. We quickly identify and present suitable job seekers to our clients that have the right skill set and business cultural fit to excel.
Changes in shopping habits have forced many retailers to ramp up their digital strategies and focus on the customer experience. This has put a high demand on talent with skills in digital marketing, technical, customer service, analytical, and design. While you are focused on finding ways to secure brand loyalty, drive omnichannel growth, and meet customers where they are, let the professionals at LHH leverage our 30 years of experience in the space to help you with talent solutions. Discover how we can help your business be ready for next.
Energy and Utilities
Specialising in talent solutions for the Energy & Utilities industry, LHH provides experienced industry recruiters and career advisors who can help address talent needs and challenges. As a professional in the energy and utility space, you know that every day can be a challenge to upgrade aging infrastructure, meet increasing customer demand, and comply with sustainability regulations. You will also know that it’s harder than ever to find professionals with the tech skills you need to keep your networks up, running, and expanding—especially when you’re trying to control costs. Let's partner together to strengthen your energy and utility workforce. Discover how we can help your business be ready for next.
Even as manufacturing becomes more automated, it’s not putting people out of work. That’s because this technology demands people with more specialised skills to program robotics, develop and maintain software, and use empathy and creativity to problem solve. So, whilst you’re focused on building advanced manufacturing operations, let the professionals at LHH leverage our 27 years of experience in the space to help you with talent solutions. Discover how we can help your business be ready for next.
Whilst the use of technology in education was already on the rise, the pandemic accelerated and highlighted the need for it. Now, with grade performance lagging and students—especially the most vulnerable—having to make up for lost learning time, the demand for qualified, passionate, forward-thinking, and empathetic educators and support staff is at an all-time high. Let’s work together to strengthen your educational workforce and discover how LHH can help your business be ready for next.
Life Sciences
The life sciences industry has been growing steadily over the past few years, and the trajectory has increased with even greater interest and investment in the development of life-saving therapies and digital therapeutics. Not surprisingly, competition for talent is fierce—especially talent with the right combination of tech skills and a clinical background—and a major skills gap is creating an abundance of open and unfilled positions. With recruitment and career experts from the Life Sciences industry, LHH experts can help with a range of talent issues, providing specialist support wherever needed.
Government and Public Sector
It’s been a time of incredible change and growth - and the public sector has not been exempt. Government response in the pandemic has accelerated cloud adoption, inter-agency cooperation on security and digital trust, and forced nearly everyone to embrace remote work. Spending on infrastructure is soaring. Now it’s a matter of finding the right talent to transform the world of work, wherever they are. For over 25 years, we’ve partnered with government and public sector clients, connecting them with skilled and vetted professionals. So, whilst you’re busy tackling initiatives like education, the economy, digital privacy, and climate change, let LHH take care of your talent solutions.

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