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Auto companies need to accept that like technology, millennials are here to stay

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In the second leg of the round table of auto industry leaders hosted by Lee Hecht Harrison under the 'LEAGUE OF LEADERS' initiative, industry leaders dwell on possible solutions to the many talent challenges besetting the automobile industry in India.

Through its initiative “LEAGUE OF LEADERS”, the world’s leading integrated talent development and transition company, Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH), has embarked on a series of round table discussion with leaders from four core industries including auto, pharma, retail, and manufacturing to find the answers to talent retention and engagement in these sectors. 
The series which kicked off with the first round table in Pune, saw leaders from the auto industry coming together to identifying their sector-specific business challenges and working towards ideating innovative talent management practices. In the second leg of the series, eminent leaders from automobile companies such as Ashok Leyland, Ford India, Bobcat, Hyundai, Peugeot India, Renault Nissan, and Yamaha Motors amidst others further threw light on the many talent challenges besetting the industry as well as some of the possible solutions.

The skilling & reskilling challenge

Like many other industries, for the commercial vehicles segment as well, the first and foremost challenge is that of skills. While the government of India has announced that by 2030, all vehicles on the road will be electric vehicles but skills around EVs are absent in India. As an industry, the challenge is to find these skills as the sector moves away from IC engines to EVs where the skills would revolve around battery technology. This leads to the subsequent question of what happens to the current technology and the existing people in the industry- be it on the production side or in dealerships.

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