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How to Build Truly Accountable Teams - the Journey from Mediocre to Exceptional 

In today's business world, teams are the engines that drive business and the catalysts for transformation. Industry-leading research from Lee Hecht Harrison confirms that 92 percent of companies acknowledge that teams are critical to their success.

Unfortunately, the same research reveals that only 23 percent of those companies consider their teams effective or accountable. The reality is that most teams are mediocre - not bad, but certainly not exceptional. 

In "How to Build Truly Accountable Teams," we show you the path from mediocre to great. It's a journey that will help your teams function with greater focus and commitment.

In this keynote, we'll shatter myths and reveal new insights into the fundamental building blocks that allow exceptional teams to consistently exceed expectations and goals.

By the end of the keynote, you'll come away with a clear sense of not only what it means to be an accountable team, but how to get there. You will:

  • Learn how to quickly identify the role that your team plays within your organization;
  • Establish the ways that you and your team can achieve true accountability, and ensure that everyone is stepping up to do their part;
  • Develop the resilience to tackle the hard work of leading teams without shying away from difficult or challenging responsibilities.

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