Inspire Possibility & Shift Mindsets with Keynotes & Interactive Presentations

Ideal for networking events, management retreats and other internal events when there is a need to challenge mindsets and provide practical ways drive leadership accountability.

Being a fully accountable team isn’t easy in today’s world. Teams don’t have the luxury of time to become accountable; the expectation of clients and organizations is that teams need to be functioning at a high level almost immediately. Unfortunately, teams are quickly labeled as ‘not meeting expectations’ if they are unable to deliver high value results within an ever compressing timeframe.

Through our research and extensive work with teams, we have discovered that changing the mindset of team leaders, and having them identify a few key behaviors to focus on, can have a significant impact on the way the team members interact as well as on team performance. The context in which teams lead is changing at lightning speed, and the pressures put on teams is increasing so that ‘good’ is no longer good enough. So, what do teams need to excel and maximize their potential?

By the end of your team experience, you will come away with a clear sense of what is required to be a fully accountable team. You will:

  • Understand the content in which your team leads and reflect on the impact on your role as team.
  • Build/deepen relationships by sharing your leadership journeys.
  • Explore ways to be more deliberate and purposeful as an accountable team.
  • Identify and step up to your obligations as a team.
  • Resolve to tackle the hard work of team leadership in a way that moves your organization forward.
  • Connect with your colleagues to build a stronger community of team leaders in your organization.
  • Create and sign your Team Leadership Contract to ensure accountability as a team.

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