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Ideal for networking events, management retreats and other internal events when there is a need to challenge mindsets and provide practical ways to advance women in leadership.

Being Strategic: How to be strategic and get credit for it

Strategic; it’s the label that everyone’s looking for. We lead with it on our resumes, we search for it on our 360 feedback, and we yearn for it from partners and funders. After all, strategic people are more successful, better paid, and have greater leadership potential. The quest to be perceived as strategic however, is a more difficult battle for women than men. One surprising study found that strategic ability was, in fact, women’s Achilles heel. In this session Tammy shows that being perceived as strategic is well within your reach; and it’s probably not what you thought. It’s not just the ability to produce a great looking strategy document or that you have the authority to make organization-wide decisions. It requires only that you be more deliberate. Being strategic is about stepping out of the day-to-day madness and recognizing moments of choice that serve tomorrow. You’ll gain a whole new perspective as we confront the misguided ideas and half truths about what being strategic means. In this session you will: 

  • Learn practical ways to change perceptions of your strategic capability through the use of questions and points of view
  • Increase your ability to build and navigate relationships more strategically
  • Build a plan to increase your effectiveness as a strategic leader and build that capability in others

Gender Truths: What it takes to progress the female leadership pipeline

Boards, regulators, and advocacy groups are placing increased pressure to have equitable female representation. Customers and communities expect their diversity to be mirrored by those that serve them.  As a result, the recruitment, retention and advancement of women are a key priority for many organizations. Yet most are not happy with the speed or progress they have made. Where do we start? How do we make movement quicker? Do we need a separate approach to developing female leaders?  These are the questions organizations are struggling with.

With time at a premium, and resources scarce, it is more critical than ever to invest wisely. Failure to address this issue may cost you talent, brand value or customers. This session tackles the systemic approach to addressing this complex issue and how to make visible change. It also provides an inspiring vision for how to differentiate between the organizations that will thrive and those that will fall behind. In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How organizations are missing the mark when it comes to making progress on their gender diversity agenda
  • What it really takes to advance women through your leadership pipeline
  • What leading organizations are doing to develop and advance female leaders

About Tammy

Tammy is a sought-after advisor who helps individuals and organizations get serious about leadership. She has developed pioneering and multiple award-winning programs aimed at changing mindsets, advancing skillsets, and sustaining deliberate practices to achieve high performance. Passionate about advancing female leaders, she is specifically sought out by Fortune 500 companies for her expertise in gender diversity and programs that accelerate female talent.  

Tammy sits on the Women’s Leadership Advisory Committee for Women in Communications and Technology.  She is a graduate of the London School of Economics with a Master of Science degree in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations, and holds an Honors Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Saskatchewan. She lives in Toronto with her daughter Ava and husband Thomas.

Tammy is an outstanding speaker – prepared, polished and an audience favorite. She was one of the most practical keynotes for our group of professionals. She also brings excellent handouts and is wonderful to work with.

Ildi Arlette, Founder, Women in Leadership and Business Conference

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