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The Leadership Accountability Gap

What does it really mean to be a leader today? This has become the most critical question for organizations as they contend with myriad business challenges at a time of unprecedented change. To succeed organizations need truly accountable leaders in place at every level. However, the recent findings from a groundbreaking global study conducted by Lee Hecht Harrison reveals that only 31% of organizations are satisfied with the leadership accountability demonstrated by their leaders.
This leadership accountability gap represents a significant chasm between expectations of our leaders and their actual, measureable performance. It also creates considerable risk. At a time when organizations should be at their best, the research suggests that they are not.
We'll share with you:

  • the findings of the global study;
  • findings and insights into North America specific results and the impact on organizations;
  • a road map that organizations can use to build strong leadership accountability 

The Leadership Contract 

Are your leaders accountable to the people they lead? In this powerful keynote, Vince confronts the leaders in your organization with The Leadership Contract, a practical approach to help leaders fully commit to their responsibilities and obligations.

Your audience will learn how to:

  • Fully embrace a culture of effective leadership
  • Fully accept all of the hard work required of an effective leader
  • Connect to a broader community of leaders 

The Community of Leaders—The Ultimate Differentiator 

Are your leaders living in silos, and working at cross-purposes with other leaders? Vince helps break down the walls that exist between leaders to drive better performance.
Your audience will learn how to:

  • Develop a ‘one-company’ mindset
  • Build relationships across the organization to foster collaboration and innovation
  • Strengthen your organization’s leadership culture


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