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Our Capabilities

We are a truly global partner with over 50 years of experience contributing to the success of our valued clients.

We provide a full range of assessment solutions and consulting that allow you to:

  • Support effective decision-making for leader roles related to:
    • Recruiting and selecting
    • Internal promotion and mobility
    • High Potential identification
    • Succession management
  • Drive high-impact coaching and development interventions for talent and leaders, including:
    • Creating awareness in development and coaching engagements
    • Identifying individual and group strengths and development opportunities
    • Defining workforce capabilities
    • Organizing and make plans for your workforce

These solutions can be delivered seamlessly, no matter where around the globe you have needs.  LHH has helped 7,800+ client firms worldwide using our robust capabilities.

Get in touch to find out more about our Assessment and Analytics capabilities.

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