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Our Technology

Our Talent Portal provides a direct gateway to best-in-class, globally-relevant assessment solutions.

The Talent Portal provides a range of tools and solutions to support coaching, development, and other assessment scenarios, including:

  • Broad Range of Content and Reporting
    • Market-leading assessments that include a full range of psychometric, abilities, learning agility, work simulations, interviews, team assessments, multi-rater, and surveys on one platform.
    • Standard reports to quickly provide guidance for targeted efforts.
    • Customized reports and scoring that deliver insights to support effective decision making, development, and coaching aligned to your competencies and business imperatives.  
    • A Competency Profile Builder that can define success profiles and create assessment solutions that measure against those profiles.
  • Robust Administrative and Candidate Experience
    • Universal accessibility for assessment candidates and participants, as well as the unique ability to provide direct, real time insights to stakeholders such as line management, HR, coaches, and assessors.
    • Highly configurable workflows and branding options allow you to quickly and effectively manage your process, candidates and participants, and most importantly, your employee brand
    • Unified candidates and participant experience. Single-sign-on access
  • Access to Important Analytics
    • Real-time access to dashboards and analytics that allow you to self-serve and manage your talent pipelines.
    • LHH-driven advisory to document the impact of programs, provide external benchmarking, and continuously improve how you leverage data and talent.

Get in touch to find out more about our Assessment and Analytics capabilities.

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