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LHH Mobility

Improving talent retention by empowering employees to take ownership of their career progression through internal career opportunities.










Why internal employee mobility is relevant in today’s business climate

Internal employee mobility is an opportunity to retain and develop internal talent. Organisations that harness the possibilities of career mobility and promote it effectively can retain more staff, strengthen the quality of collaboration, and increase organisational expertise to spearhead growth.



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The case for internal employee mobility and overcoming barriers

When an organisation has high internal mobility, colleagues tend to stay for a median tenure of 4.9 years compared to a tenure of just 3.1 years in an organisation with low employee mobility.


What are the internal barriers and headwinds stopping businesses from adopting a culture of internal employee mobility that benefits both employee development and employer talent retention?





Career mobility


What are businesses doing to retain talent?


LHH surveyed over 9,500 professionals and HR leaders to explore what employees are looking for in their next career steps, and what are businesses doing to retain talent.


The findings highlighted some key influences driving employee decisions and gaps between businesses and talent that is impacting retention.



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Measuring the success of internal employee mobility

From a tangible cost saving through to long term employee retention and future proofing the workforce, what are the metrics that organisations can use to effectively measure the success of an internal move?


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