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Layoffs are a critical moment for every organization. These complimentary resources are designed to help you support your employees to achieve the best outcomes.










Preparing for layoffs

Layoffs are pivotal for both the employee and the organization. When handled with care and empathy, they can create positive career outcomes, strengthen employer brand, and mark you out as a company with high integrity for years to come.

When handled poorly, they can break trust, damage your reputation, and sap the morale and confidence of those that remain, creating lasting engagement, productivity, and brand perception challenges.









 How to handle layoffs with care and compassion


The personal toll of layoffs can’t be underestimated – many people not only finding themselves without a job but their prospects of returning into employment are vastly diminished. So much so that the 2023 Edelman Trust Barometer revealed that ‘job loss’ was the number one fear ahead of climate change, inflation, and energy shortages.


At LHH, we support organizations and their employees to successfully navigate these hurdles and are pleased to provide some key recommendations in our guide, How to handle layoffs with care and compassion.


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Layoff Article Series


This article series provides insight into some of the common considerations when conducting layoffs. From planning and communication through to protecting your reputation, the series outlines the best practices organizations should consider to reduce risk and ensure the best possible outcomes.



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The Uncomfortable Inevitability of Layoffs

With so many potential triggers to force a company’s hand, from external factors like recession, to internal factors like cost-cutting or a merger, redundancies are virtually unavoidable over the course of a business’ lifetime.


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The Complexities of a Layoff

Layoffs are a multifaceted process. There are many factors to consider, steps to take, and people to engage. Let’s take a look at some of the most inevitable complexities that companies face when letting go of employees.


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The Psychological Toll of a Layoff

Layoffs are a difficult experience for many. However, the more empowered employees feel, the more confident and successful they’ll be finding work at a new company in the unfortunate event of a layoff.


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How to Manage Company Reputation during a Layoff

While there will be some degree of an impact for any layoff — a dip in employee morale, an onslaught of emotionally-charged employer reviews, and a relentless line of media questions — there are actions to take which can reduce negativity and help maintain a positive image.


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Additional Resources


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Outplacement Provider Checklist

What defines success or failure when it comes to supporting laid off employees? This checklist provides the critical things to look out for when selecting a provider to support your impacted employees.

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Outplacement – its not just for the big guys

Regardless of the size of company or the number of people affected, layoffs can be a very difficult task that can benefit from the guidance of an experienced, professional career transition firm.

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Layoffs – The Key Risks and Mitigations

Conducting layoffs presents a number of risks to the organization which need to be considered. We have set out our view of the 5 key risks of any headcount reduction and our approach to mitigating these in partnership with our clients.

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