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2024 Hiring Guides

Empower your hiring strategies with actionable insights into key market trends, emerging in-demand roles, and salary benchmarks.
FEB 07, 2024
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When it comes to hiring, the market today is fiercely competitive and often feels unstable. It can be a challenge to keep up with industry trends, and more importantly, figure out how to use them. That’s what this series of Hiring Guides is for! We’ve taken the top market trends heading into 2024, salary benchmarks, and specific practice area insights and broken them out into meaningful, actionable tips you can use while vetting candidates and hiring for your organization.


Here’s a peek at what’s in each guide:


  • Key market trends shaping recruitment in 2024, and ways organizations can leverage these trends in their hiring practices.
  • Practice area-specific market trends and future employment outlook.
  • Insights into emerging roles and skills, enabling you to align your hiring strategy with market demands.
  • Salary guide with methodology and salary benchmarks for national figures to help you craft competitive compensation packages.
  • Comprehensive talent solutions to bolster your recruitment strategy.


Scroll to the end of the page for links to download the free 2024 Hiring Guides in our top practice areas.

You can also watch this video for more information about the 2024 Hiring Guides.


Exceptional talent is the cornerstone of organizational success.


In our annual Workforce Trends Survey Report, there were some interesting findings relevant to hiring managers which are included in the guides. We found a distinct misalignment between what organizations are doing to attract and retain talent, and what employees and candidates WANT them to be doing. No surprise, a lot of the conversation comes down to brass tacks – candidates want to know they’ll be compensated fairly and competitively, and they want some measure of flexibility. The good news for organizations is that even on a tight budget, there are ways to make sure you’re addressing the most essential concerns of your candidates and employees, ultimately saving yourself the expense and headache of rehiring and backfilling due to turnover.


The guides also walk through trends and workforce challenges unique to each practice area. AI and digital transformation play an essential role across the board, and this guide helps you figure out which trends are here to stay, and how to hire with them in mind.


Competing for talent means compensating talent.


The hiring guide includes an extensive section on average national salaries for dozens of roles in each practice area. This data was collected in partnership with Chmura Economics & Analytics, who pulled live data from over 40,000 sources in their JobsEQ system, which then underwent rigorous vetting and yearly comparisons to provide balanced and accurate salary information. Our team also has regional variances available to ensure you’re aligned with your local market.


In addition to salaries across the board, we’ve also collected the most in-demand roles of 2024 and provided specific advice on what to look for in candidates for those roles – whether internally or through a job search.


Our goal is to help you feel equipped to take on any hiring and recruitment challenges you see on your horizon. Whether you’re looking for ways to retain your current employees, or expanding your team to bring in new talent–we’re your recruitment partner through the whole process. We encourage you to take a look at the guides (linked below) and let us know how the information aligns with what you’re experiencing in the market!


Click to check out one of our 2024 Hiring Guides: