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7 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Employees Virtually

APR 16, 2021

Many companies have made a rapid shift from in-office coworking situations to virtual workplaces. There’s no doubt that this virtual “new normal” has shifted the way teams and managers interact – whether a necessity as a result of the current health crisis, or a more purposeful move to offer working flexibility.


When it comes to your reports, however, there are a few things that shouldn’t change. Saying ‘thank you’ to your employees for working hard on your behalf is one of them! While typically you might have taken them out for lunch or picked up a cup of their favorite coffee, how do you continue to show your appreciation virtually?


Here are seven ideas to get you started:


1. Send a Food Delivery Card.


While you can’t take them out to lunch, why not send lunch to them? Send a food service delivery e-gift card like GrubHub or UberEats, or consider a gift card to Starbucks or a local coffee shop.


2. Deliver Flowers or an Edible Arrangement.


Brighten up their day with a friendly bouquet of flowers, or a tasty fruit arrangement. As an added bonus, choose a delivery gift from a local business to help support other community members during these challenging times.


3. Mail a Hand-Written Note.


A classic, thoughtfully written thank-you card will never go out of style. Show your employees you value them by taking the time to send a personalized card. Alternatively, if you’re wary of mailing anything right now, send a fun e-card instead.


4. Decorate Their Home Office.


Help spruce up their desk or home workspace with a new notebook and pen, coffee mug, picture frame or branded item.


5. Send Some Company Swag.


Whether it be clothing, paper goods, or a coffee mug, make sure they feel like they’re part of the team with a cool branded item. Pair this with a thoughtfully written note expressing how grateful you are to have them representing the team.


6. Plan a Virtual Happy Hour or Office Party.


Just because everyone is at home doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate together. Schedule a virtual office party and invite everyone to bring snacks and their at-home office mates to celebrate all the hard work and dedication your team is putting in.


7. Give Them a Virtual Team Shout-Out.


Recognize the efforts of your employee by thanking them publicly in an online social group (like Facebook) or circulate a team- or company-wide email.


Most importantly, however you choose to show your appreciation, make sure to include a heartfelt note that says thank you. Making these small celebrations a priority is not only a great way to thank your dedicated team but also helps foster a healthy and engaged company culture – which is more important than ever with many teams working remotely.


Another important aspect of the wellness and productivity of your remote team is continuing essential one-on-one meetings virtually. For more pro-tips on managing a remote workforce, read this article.


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