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What Does a Potential Recession Mean for Me?

Have you wondered how current economic factors and a potential recession might impact you? Read on!

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Posted On Apr 13, 2023 

LHH Recruitment Solutions has teamed up with the experts at Chmura Economics for a two-part webinar series about the current economic conditions, a potential recession, and the impact these conditions will have on the job market and hiring.


This no-frills, data-driven conversation is broken into two webinars: one for job seekers and one for hiring organizations. Chmura’s economists dive into what the data tells us, and LHH provides real-world examples of what staffing solutions professionals are seeing day-to-day.


For the job seeker.


LHH Brand Strategist Kelsi Stark joins the conversation to share her from-the-field insight on what candidates are experiencing. She highlights two major key points:


  • Remote jobs are not as prevalent as job seekers think. In fact, only 6% of all job ads offer fully remote options. Many companies that went remote through the pandemic have now either returned to the office or moved to hybrid flexibility.
  • Analyst roles are in hot demand. Across all industries and practice areas, there is great demand for skilled analysts. For candidates, upskilling with analyst certifications can make a huge difference in the job search.


Additional discussion topics from the webinar include:

  • An overview of current economic conditions and the impact a potential recession will have on hiring and job availability;
  • The education and skill requirements employers are looking for in new hires;
  • The latest trends in job openings and what industries and occupations are in demand;
  • What the data is telling us about the availability of remote and hybrid jobs;
  • What negotiating power candidates have in this hiring market.


Watch the full recording or download the slides here. Ready to take the next step? Talk to a recruiter or take a check out our open roles!


For the employer.


In this webinar, LHH Portfolio Sales Director Heather Blair joins the Chmura team for a conversation about talent acquisition in 2023 and what impact current economic conditions and a potential recession will have on the hiring marke and talent pool.


Discussion topics include:

  • Is a recession coming? Is it happening? An overview of current economic conditions, what that means for a recession in 2023, and what impact these conditions will have on the job market and hiring;
  • What employees look for in new roles;
  • What employers need to offer to attract top talent;
  • The latest trends in job openings and what industries, skills, and occupations are in demand;
  • The data on the prevalence of remote/hybrid jobs;
  • How a potential recession could impact salary negotiations.


Watch the recording or download the slides here. Looking for talented team members? Explore our Candidate Search Portal database or connect with an LHH Recruitment Specialist.


Where does our information for this series come from? We know there are a lot of conflicting sources of information out there, but you can be sure this session is based on nationally sourced, real-time data from a number of reliable labor market sources. It’s analyzed by an experienced team of Ph.D. economists and data scientists and contextualized by world-class recruitment experts. Learn more about Chmura Economics and LHH Recruitment Solutions.