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Coaching in a changing world

Do you still deliver coaching the same way you did 10 years ago? Of course not! Neither do we. New trends are bringing a fresh perspective to coaching.

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Posted On SEP 08, 2022 



1. Agenda largely shaped by business challenges


2. Coaching requests are ad-hoc


3. Focused on results-based business outcomes


4. Coaching moved from remedial to developmental


5. Fast-paced movement, limited reflection


6. Limited visibility of coaching across the organization


7. Coaching as a niche service for the top of the house




1. Greater work-life integration shaping the agenda


2. Coachees and organizations proactively seeking coaching


3. Mastering new skills and achieving business outcomes


4. Coaching is focused on future leadership roles


5. Deeper reflection on both personal and professional levels


6. Moving to a coaching-based management system


7. Coaching as a core leadership skill needed throughout the organization

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