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Empowering Military Spouses: Finding Meaningful Employment with LHH

Explore this military spouse’s inspiring journey of how tailored guidance led her to a fulfilling role while learning about LHH's commitment to empowering military spouses in the workforce.

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Posted On APR 30, 2024 

It’s well known that U.S. Veterans encounter obstacles when entering the workforce. What is often overlooked, however, are the significant hurdles faced by their spouses. In fact, 63% of military spouses say they are underemployed, meaning they aren’t working as much as they would like to or aren’t using their skills properly. These individuals face unique career challenges, and it’s no wonder, as frequent relocations often impede establishing long-term professional roles and developing hard skills. LHH aims to make the future of work, work for everyone, and we know from experience that with the right guidance and opportunities, military spouses can thrive in meaningful positions.


We’d like to introduce Allison Wells, a military spouse who worked closely with an LHH recruiter to secure a position aligned with her individual skills and interests. After 35 years of supporting her Navy husband’s service and enduring sporadic unemployment along the way, she found an open door through the help of her LHH recruiter, and fellow military spouse, Marissa Moore.


Being a military spouse for over thirty years has allowed Allison to become familiar with the ups and downs of frequent relocation and the impact it can have on one's career development. After moving from London to Pensacola, FL, Allison felt significant culture shock, adapting to a new country and community. What she thought would be an easy transition into finding new work actually turned out to be quite challenging.


LHH: “How has being a military spouse impacted you professionally?”


Allison: “Somewhat, I had a huge culture shock when I left London and moved to Pensacola FL., and then subsequently to duty stations in other parts of the world. I thought it would be easy to find work, but unfortunately, it was difficult to find anything permanent until my husband retired and we finally settled down.”


Allison remained unemployed for months after her last role ended before teaming up with LHH recruiter Marissa Moore. Marissa was a great fit for Allison as she was able to understand Allison’s unique challenges and setbacks during her years as an active military spouse. Marissa not only helped Allison find a new job but helped her find one that was the right fit for her skills, ambitions, and goals. Throughout the job-hunting process, Marissa stayed in close communication, actively and continuously looking for the right opportunities. After some time, Marissa connected Allison to an LHH client for a Talent Acquisition Associate position, which turned out to be an excellent match. Allison now feels a sense of purpose working at a company whose mission aligns closely with her own.


LHH: “What do you like about your current role within this company?”


Allison: “I am currently working as a Talent Acquisition Associate for a great company. They are a non-profit company whose mission is to improve the health and well-being of people worldwide. I work with an amazing and talented team who thrive on working hard.”


Allison had nothing but great things to say about her experience working with LHH, particularly Marissa, whom she described as nothing short of exceptional.


LHH: “What has your experience been working with your LHH Recruiter and would you recommend LHH to other military spouses?”


Allison: “My recruiter has been exceptional, staying in constant communication with me. When I was unemployed, she was looking for another assignment for me. The company has been great, and I would recommend LHH to other military spouses.”


LHH, as a part of the Adecco Group, has a robust history of championing the military community, recognizing the important roles that military members play in our economy, workplaces, and society at large. Through its Military Alliance Program, we assist Veterans, wounded warriors, National Guard and Reserve members, and military spouses with career development through free resume courses, interview preparation, and access to upskilling courses. Contact us today to get started on your next big career move.