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From Ex-Employee to Brand Advocate

The employee of today could be a customer—or even an advocate—for your brand tomorrow. Investing in the professional future of your transitioning employees is not just good for them, but for your company’s.

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Posted On MAY 02, 2024 

In a business landscape where every former employee can become an ambassador or detractor of your brand, companies can take certain actions to keep their brands intact.


Layoffs are a tough reality in the corporate world, but it’s essential to part ways on positive terms. The employee of today could be a customer—or even an advocate—for your brand tomorrow. Investing in the professional future of your transitioning employees is not just good for them, but for your company’s standing and future success as well.


The Disruptive Potential of Layoffs


Layoffs are disruptive by nature—not only for the individuals who are directly affected but also for the remaining employees and the organization’s reputation. The ripple effects of how a layoff is handled can impact customer loyalty, employer brand, and, ultimately, the bottom line.


A layoff that is perceived as poorly managed or lacking empathy can quickly tarnish a company’s reputation. In today’s digital age, stories of negative experiences can spread swiftly on social media and employer review sites like Glassdoor.


Today’s Laid-Off Employee, Tomorrow’s Customer


An empathetic and supportive layoff process—bolstered by robust outplacement support—can mitigate the risks associated with workforce reductions. It demonstrates that an organization values its people not just as employees but as individuals with careers that extend beyond their current roles.


Consider the continuous loop of the employment lifecycle; today’s laid-off staff may become your customers, freelancers, or even employees once again in the future. Their perception of your brand will be significantly influenced by the care and support you provide during what is often a critical juncture in their professional lives.


Why Outplacement?


Utilizing LHH’s outplacement services underscores an ethical approach to layoffs. By offering personalized career guidance, resume assistance, coaching, and access to job boards and upskilling opportunities, employers can show genuine care for their past employees’ future success.


1. Protect Your Brand


Imagine the potency of positive testimonials from those who, even when leaving, felt supported and valued. These narratives can enhance brand perception and help attract top talent, as job seekers increasingly look for employers with a reputation for treating employees well—even in the face of layoffs.


2. Maintain Morale and Productivity


Layoffs destabilize teams. Leaders need to guide organizations forward with empathy and purpose while rebuilding engagement on stable ground.


LHH built a checklist that outlines key areas leaders should focus on to ensure teams come together after a layoff built around belonging, agility and renewed direction.


3. Networking in Regional Economies


Former employees can turn into networking contacts, referring clients, or even return as 'boomerang employees,' bringing back valuable experience and skills they've acquired elsewhere.


Consider regional economies with strong, concentrated workforces. Companies in these regions may pass the same people back and forth multiple times.


The top 5-10 companies consistently poach talent from each other.


Amazon, Google, Oracle, HP, Facebook

  • Tech in Silicon Valley
  • Biotech in Boston
  • Finance in New York
  • Automotive in Detroit
  • Aerospace and Defense in Seattle


These employees will have teams, coworkers, and managers who are going to hear the unvarnished story of what it was like at your organization. They can go into their new roles with a bad taste in their mouths or respect for your compassion and transparency.


4. Social Responsibility and Sustainability


The modern consumer and workforce are increasingly aligned with companies that show social responsibility. Implementing outplacement services as part of a layoff strategy aligns with sustainable HR practices and social governance goals, marking your organization as one that prioritizes ethical considerations over short-term cost savings.


The LHH Approach


Laid-off employees who take advantage of outplacement services find their next role 65% faster, on average.


Our experience has shown that empowering laid-off employees leads to better outcomes for them and enhances the organization's reputation. With tools such as LHH Career Canvas, one-to-one coaching, personal branding expertise, and our innovative Active Placement strategy, we ensure that transitioning employees are not left to face their career changes alone.


Let the users of LHH outplacement services tell the story:


“[My LHH coach] changed my life! Being part of a layoff was a tough mental experience, but it was clear from day one of our engagement that he wasn't going to let me get in the way of my own success.”

“I’m coming to realize this experience can be a positive steppingstone and chance to explore new and fun opportunities.”

“Thank you for all the help with my transitional time after [Company redacted]. I’m happy to say I accepted a Senior Software Engineer position for a government contractor back in June, spent the month of July in Europe, and started working last week. You gave me the confidence to ask for the salary I wanted and surpassed it.”


Supporting your transitioning employees is a strategic investment in your company’s most valuable asset—its reputation. By recognizing that today’s laid-off employee could be tomorrow’s customer or brand ambassador, you set forth a culture of trust and mutual respect that extends far beyond the confines of your organization.




For more information on how LHH can assist your organization through workforce transitions, contact us or explore our solutions online.


Reach out to the LHH team to get bespoke outplacement solutions tailored to your unique organizational needs.