Get That Job Before It’s Even Advertised

Your perfect job is out there. But will you ever see it? 
Employers don’t always recruit in the standard way - and you don’t have to stick to the rules, either. Scouting can work both ways... 
AUG 02, 2023


Scrolling through online job posts may not connect you to the role you’re dreaming of. Because not all employers recruit publicly - in fact it’s estimated 30-50% of hires come from staff referrals. 


This may sound dispiriting if you’re searching for a new job, but the good news is that you can turn the tables and use the same tactics to get ahead. 


Here’s how: 


1. Nudge your network 


OK - we get it. For some of us even the word ‘network’ is exhausting. 


If that’s you, just ask yourself this: Who do I know? 


In an insightful networking article, LHH’s Career Transition and Mobility Consultant Susan Baushke points out that this question is your starting point. ‘Everybody you know is your network, from former colleagues to suppliers, relatives and friends, to your dentist and people in community or leisure activities.’ 


These people are already Team You. They know you and like you. They will happily share information on job leads and connections you might benefit from. Priming them for reference requests or testimonials may be a great place to start. If they recommend you to their own employer and you get hired, it’s kudos (and often a bonus) for them. 


Bear in mind 70% of staff got their current jobs through networking. 


2. Brush up your brand 


LinkedIn is the natural meeting place for hirers and talent. Not being on it is like being hungry and ignoring an all-you-can-eat buffet. There are platters of information to help you research the best employer - and easily connect with them. 


Set up or update your LinkedIn profile, so it’s shiny and ready for inspection when recruiters check you out. Ask some trusted friends/colleagues to read it for you and offer pointers - we don’t always sell ourselves as we should. 


3. Zone in


Identify companies you’d most love to work with and start making connections. Try a simple message like: ‘Hi - I’m researching my next career move right now and think I could be a good fit for you. Do you know if the firm is hiring?’ Your initiative will be respected. 


If the answer is no, don’t disconnect - keep an eye on those contacts; read their posts, comment, share, post on your own profile (see no 5). Situations change - when the next top role comes up you want to be remembered. 


4. Get out more


Actual meetings in the real world?! Yes. Do that. Business networking events are great - if a bit daunting - but don’t underestimate the value of going to a community barbecue or a charity bake sale and talking to the people you meet. You don’t need to launch into your elevator pitch as soon as you show up, but tapping discreetly for information about what people do, who they work for and what openings there might be is perfectly fine - and arguably easier over a half-burnt hotdog or a plate of brownies. 


5. Blog more 


If writing is your strength, showcase it with some punchy, upbeat blogs on your social platforms. Insights into areas you have expertise in is a great way of demonstrating your talents and interests. Sharing others’ posts with comments that add context and value is also a strong reminder that you have something to contribute. Steer clear of being controversial if you want to keep your options wide open, but don’t be afraid to express your sense of humor and personality. 


6. Ask the experts


Recruitment agencies are ready-made networks for you to tap into. These are professionals whose business is knowing what’s happening in the jobs market and they often get advance or exclusive information on exciting opportunities. A variety of Fortune 500 and other top companies partner with recruitment agencies like LHH and value their insight on talent. An agency can help bring your resume to the top of the applicant pile! Get in touch, register, and impress them with your qualities and they will be delighted to seek out your dream employer and put you together. 


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