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Data Entry Job Description

Data entry clerks maintain organization’s databases and keep customer and account information up to date. Learn more about what exactly Data Entry Clerks do in this detailed guide.
FEB 03, 2022

What is a Data Entry Clerk?

A large portion of Data Entry centers on collecting data, maintaining records, and entering and updating information within company databases. Data Entry Clerks have a keen eye for accuracy, top-level typing skills, and an ability to thrive under deadlines.

Date Entry Clerks work in a wide range of industries including technology, customer service, human resources, government, and hospitality. This is often an entry level job that’s supervised by a manager or senior administrator. In a smaller company, the duties of a Data Entry Clerk will spill into general receptionist duties, which include answering phones. In a larger company, they may have a very defined workflow with strict deadlines.

Education Requirements

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • 0-2 years related experience
  • Some roles may require the completion of a certificate program
  • Some roles may require an associate’s or bachelor’s degree

Data Entry Essential Skills

  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent typing and computer skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office and Excel
  • Customer service skills
  • The ability to use email in a professional setting

Data Entry Roles & Responsibilities

  • Enter text and figures into company spreadsheets and/or databases
  • Handle confidential information and data
  • Maintain database by entering new and updated customer and account information
  • Establish entry priorities

Day-to-Day Duties

  • Update, manage, and organize internal files and documents like handbooks, operations manuals, and reports
  • Maintain customer accounts
  • Scan and organize documents for filing purposes
  • Process and update sales invoices
  • Identify and correct data entry errors
  • Perform general office duties like filing documents, answering phones, and ordering supplies

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