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Web Designer Job Description

What is a web designer? We answer the question, with information about resume requirements, salary, job duties, top cities in demand, and more.

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Posted On Feb 03, 2022 

What is a Web Designer?

Web Designers are responsible for creating websites that engage current and potential customers in order to enhance a company’s online presence. They coordinate with other members of their teams, including copywriters and graphic designers, to conceptualize web pages in order to most effectively organize, convey and present both word- and graphic-based content.

A Web Designer is responsible for designing the overall layout and aesthetic for websites. They need to work closely with each customer so they can translate the customer’s thoughts into a visually appealing design. They are also responsible for turning that design into a functional site and uploading it to a web server.

There are three types of Web Designers:

In-House Web Designer:

  • Works for a specific company as part of their marketing department

Agency Web Designer:

  • Work surrounded by people who think as creatively as you do and design for a wide range of companies and industries

Freelance Web Designer:

  • In addition to all of the responsibilities of a web designer, you will also take on all of the responsibilities of a contract employee

Education Requirements

  • A degree is not mandatory
  • Many companies look for candidates with backgrounds in design

Web Designer Essential Skills

  • Strong communication abilities to interact with colleagues and clients
  • Excellent eye for design and intimate understanding of design elements
  • Proficiency in Adobe Dreamweaver and other web design programs
  • Ability to write in a variety of computer languages, such as HTML or Java
  • CSS, HTML, PHP and Java coding skills
  • Basic database administration skills for MySQL, Access and SQL
  • Expert-level understanding of Flash and ActionScript for programming
  • Familiarity with SEO principles
  • Excellent multimedia content development abilities

Web Designer Roles & Responsibilities

  • Code the site’s navigation
  • Fix any functionality issues, including the removal of “dead links”
  • Update the site
  • Maintain the appearance of websites by enforcing content standards
  • Work with different content management systems

Day-to-Day Duties

  • Create a suitable color scheme or incorporate the client’s color scheme into the design
  • Design buttons and other controls for the site
  • Create mock-ups of the site for the client’s approval
  • Make backup files of the site
  • Conceptualize creative ideas with clients
  • Design sample pages including colors and fonts

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