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8 Myths of Temp Work Busted

As the job market shifts, temporary work is becoming more popular. Yet, many misconceptions and stereotypes remain about temporary assignments. Here are some of the most common myths debunked.

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Posted On FEB 24, 2023 

Many people see temporary work as a last resort after failed permanent job searches. However, during these uncertain economic conditions the job market is shifting, and temporary work is gaining popularity. Yet, many misconceptions and stereotypes about temp work remain. Here are some of the most common myths about temp work:


1. Job hopping looks bad


In fact, having multiple temporary assignments with different companies makes you a more agile, flexible and experienced person! Get to learn new tools, systems, how to work with different teams, etc.


2. Temp work in general looks bad on my resume


Quite the opposite, working for a range of employers with different responsibilities, challenges and environments allows workers to improve their skills and develop new ones more frequently than perm workers. It’s a great way to fill in resume gaps and 9 out of 10 staffing employees say that temporary or contract work makes them more employable.


3. Pay is low or inconsistent and I won’t get benefits


False! Sometimes temp employees earn higher wages than permanent employees because companies don’t factor in other standard salary factors like benefits (which are instead provided through us) and you’re paid weekly in most cases! LHH associates can take advantage of the many healthcare, retirement, and other employee benefits offered.


4. Temp work is entry-level work


Companies hire temp and interim people at all levels within an organization, even up to interim executives in the C-Suite! All roles, positions and functions are available to temps (especially people with special or hard-to-find skills).


5. Temporary work does not lead to long-term careers


Many times, temp work is considered an extended tryout for a permanent position. Especially with the low unemployment rate, temporary placement can get your foot in the door with a company for a full-time position. Our expert recruiters will help you at every step by updating your resume, preparing for interviews, and finding your dream job.


6. Temporary work is a last resort after unsuccessful permanent job searches


Temporary assignments are an ideal way to earn a paycheck during your job hunt by exposing you to more opportunities while at the same time adding skills and experience to your resume. It could also allow you to experience a new industry or company without fully investing yourself in a permanent position.


7. Temporary work is part-time work


False! A majority (73%) of temp workers work full-time, which is roughly equal to the number of permanent employees that work full-time (74%). Temp workers are often able to maintain a better work-life balance than their permanent counterparts, allowing time to focus on personal interests and advancing your career.


8. Temporary jobs are infrequent


There are currently three million temp workers on assignment each week. The current job market conditions make temp roles easier to find, and 78% of business leaders said they will likely hire more temp workers rather than full-time employees while economic conditions remain uncertain. At LHH our expert recruiters will help you find your next dream assignment with ease.


Staffing companies, like our team at LHH, are here to help you navigate the job search and find your dream assignment. Our expert recruiters are trained to work with you to ensure that you’re working on the right assignment, with the right company, for the right compensation. You’ll receive benefits and a steady income, in addition to professional career guidance from your recruiter, all at no expense to you.


If you’re ready to explore short-term opportunities, we’d love to talk! Take a look at our open temp roles or reach out to discuss your goals with one of our talent recruiters.