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7 Non-Clinical Healthcare Certifications to Boost Your Career

Discover non-clinical healthcare certifications that can boost your career in the healthcare industry.

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Posted On May 11, 2023 

There are several challenging, rewarding, and potentially lucrative non-clinical healthcare careers depending on your skills and interests, from medical writing to patient advocacy and health consultancy to health informatics specialist.


If you are looking to launch, further establish, or advance your career in the non-clinical healthcare field, there are several non-clinical healthcare certifications that can help you upskill and meet your goals. These certifications give you an opportunity to deepen and demonstrate your expertise and commitment to your field, and can help you stand out to potential employers.


Here are a few worth considering:


Certified Professional in Healthcare Risk Management


The CPHRM certification is considered among the top certifications in healthcare risk management. It is a measure of expertise in managing and mitigating risk in healthcare organizations, which is obtained by passing an exam that is based on a 3-part course. The CPHRM is recommended for professionals with fewer than five years’ experience.


Medical Writer Certification


Becoming medical writer certified (MWC) by the Medical Writing Certification Commission (MWCC) adds credibility to your medical writing and knowledge and will increase your marketability in the field. To qualify, you must hold a bachelor’s degree in any field and have a minimum of two years professional experience in a medical communications role.


Certified Healthcare Financial Professional


The CHFP certification is offered by the Healthcare Financial Management Association and demonstrates expertise in financial management and strategy in healthcare organizations. Skills demonstrated by obtaining this certification include business acumen, collaboration, financial strategy, and future trends.


Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems


The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society offers the CPHIMS certification, which focuses on expertise in healthcare information technology and management systems. To qualify to take the CPHIMS exam and earn CPHIMS certification, you must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited school and have five years’ information and management systems experience—with at least three of which in a healthcare setting.


Certified Professional in Patient Safety


The CPPS, offered by the National Patient Safety Foundation, demonstrates expertise in patient safety and risk reduction in healthcare organizations. To qualify to earn this certification, you must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited school and have at least three years’ experience in a healthcare setting.


Certified Medical Practice Executive


This certification, known as the CMPE, is awarded by the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) and focuses on expertise in healthcare management and administration in medical practices. To obtain the CMPE, you must purchase and complete an application form to become an MGMA member (there are three “pathways” for applying, based on your level and length of experience) and pass an exam within three years of applying.


Certified Health Education Specialist


The CHES certification, offered by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, demonstrates expertise in health education and promotion. To obtain the certification, you must pass a a competency-based exam; to maintain the certification, you must meet continuing education requirements.


Whatever career goals you have within the non-clinical healthcare field, earning a certification will help you highlight your expertise, boost your skillset, and impress employers, hiring managers, clients, and recruiters. The payoffs are more than worth the time and financial commitment. Talk to one of our experienced talent specialists today about upskilling your career, or search for open roles!