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Driving Workforce Transformation, LHH Brings General Assembly and LinkedIn Learning to Active Placement
LHH's Active Placement support is now boosted with reskilling and upskilling options from General Assembly and LinkedIn Learning.
NEW YORK, NY – April 2, 2019 – Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH) announced today that they have significantly enhanced Active Placement, their reimagined approach to outplacement, with the addition of unlimited access to reskilling and upskilling for today’s most in-demand digital and business skills. 

Individuals who receive Active Placement support from LHH will now benefit from digital literacy assessments, learning paths and award-winning curriculum from General Assembly, a global leader in tech education and career transformation. Founded in 2011 and named one of the world’s “Most Innovative Companies in Education” by Fast Company in 2019, General Assembly has helped hundreds of thousands of people advance their careers through classes, workshops and bootcamps in coding, user experience design, data science and analytics, digital marketing and product management. 

In addition, individuals receiving Active Placement support from LHH now have access to over 13,500 broad reskilling and upskilling courses from LinkedIn Learning, covering business, creative and technical skills. With a continuously updated video course library, LinkedIn Learning adds more than 70 new courses each week, and they provide LinkedIn insights and social experiences that make learning more interactive and personalised.

Greg Simpson, Senior Vice President and Career Transition Practice Leader at LHH, said, “People who exit organisations and launch a job search today often quickly discover a market that looks much different than what they might have encountered just a couple of years ago. Every day we read new stories about specific jobs that are going away entirely, and new jobs that can’t be filled quickly enough, but that’s only part of the story.”

“There are many jobs that, by title, continue to remain the same, but that now require skillsets that have distinctly evolved. In the process of redefining LHH’s approach to personal branding and coaching, along with our strategy for connecting people to jobs, we’ve observed a sharp increase in the need for people to boost their skills and the impact this can have on the jobs they pursue and successfully land,” added Simpson.

A recent global study published by The Adecco Group (LHH’s parent company) and The Boston Consulting Group, “Future-Proofing the Workforce,” revealed the results of a global survey of nearly 5,000 workers along with interviews with executives from companies and public institutions. The survey results showed that over 70% of respondents consider the acquisition of new or upgraded skills to be important today, with 72% agreeing that boosting skills is an important factor in being promoted. 

Simpson said, “Active Placement considers the individual in the full spectrum of the employee lifecycle. As entire industries pivot their focus to keep pace with the speed of disruptive forces, employees need to be supported with reskilling and upskilling opportunities as they transition between organisations, as well as when they are actively working, to remain vital contributors.”

“As a recent Gartner study points out, one of the three emerging trends in HR is ‘Employee Experience.’ To retain a strong employer brand, it will be critical for organisations to provide what employees need to succeed in their careers over time,” Simpson said.

LHH’s approach to reskilling and upskilling also takes into consideration the range of individual skill development needs, from rudimentary to radical, recognising that some people want to radically reskill while others may only need to understand the context and vocabulary of new technologies to more effectively collaborate with future colleagues. 

“We see the value in reskilling and upskilling for individuals at all stages of their career,” Simpson said. “This includes senior-level managers and leaders who know that data analysis, for example, has become increasingly important in their role. While their leadership skills may be polished and proven, adding data analysis to their overall skill profile can expand the range of new opportunities senior managers and leaders can pursue.”

“Through our investments in reskilling and upskilling from General Assembly and LinkedIn Learning, LHH is providing the people we support with valuable opportunities to learn, grow and land in jobs they might have otherwise thought unattainable,” said Simpson.

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