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The benefits of team coaching during times of transformation: 7 insights

More than ever before, organizations need high performing teams— teams who can provide outstanding quality of thinking and solve multi-dimensional and seemingly impossible problems.

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Posted On Sep 08, 2022 

Coaching is about facilitating learning and delivering results. When applied to teams it can be crucial in helping them work effectively through continuous change and make course-correcting decisions quickly.


7 insights on why team coaching is important during transformation


Insight # 1 - Teams are dynamic – organizations need to actively foster an environment of adaptability so teams can evolve in the ways they will need to move forward during a transformation.


Insight # 2 - Trust and shared leadership build team agility – when faced with ambiguity, teams must develop trust among one another and take on a shared leadership role. When they do this well, they become highly agile.


Insight # 3 - A shared awareness leads to breakthrough results – teams who are self-aware tend to be high-performers, they deliver stronger results, are more innovative and challenge each other to be their best.


Insight # 4 - Successful teams have a common purpose – when teams own their purpose, they create a bond that holds them together – it creates a ‘we’ culture that is inspired, vibrant and hard to beat.


Insight # 5 - Team unity and alignment are key – teams that connect regularly to agree and establish their goals can move forward with confidence and can quickly get back in sync during a period of disruption.


Insight # 6 - Teams need a clear vision to achieve sustainable results – when teams are aligned and clearly understand their vision they know where they’re going and how to get there. They are committed, engaged, and build upon their diversity of thought.


Insight # 7 - Coaching is a journey, not a one-time event – just as with any physical training, you don’t get results after one session. It takes commitment and consistency to maximize the benefits.


Use these insights to help you gain perspective on the key benefits of team coaching and how it can be used as a powerful tool to harness a healthier company culture and stronger team performance, especially during times of transformation.