Assessment & analytics

In today’s competitive labor market, it’s more important than ever to understand the skills and capabilities of your current workforce and make smart, informed talent investments. LHH delivers the insights you need to make better decisions on who to hire, develop, coach, redeploy and promote.

Your business strategy and the people who deliver on it are unique. Is your assessment program?



Global assessment & analytics


Talent represents the single largest element of your company’s budget, and your business’s growth largely depends on the quality and readiness of that talent. Yet, how much do you really know about your people? Do you have the data and information you need to make decisions and investments in your people with confidence?


LHH’s talent assessments and analytics bring you objective insights into your people and your leaders. With in-depth, objective information, you can make informed decisions about who are the best candidates to hire, who are the employees with the highest potential for success, and which leaders have what it takes to drive your company’s success.


Flexibility matters


With a full-range, best-in-class portfolio of psychometric, multi-rater and team assessments as well as work simulations and organizational surveys, we deliver talent insights contextualized to your company and your unique culture. Our research-based leadership models can be adapted to your company, and you can choose the best way for your people to access assessments —online, through assessment centers or other preferred channels.


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