Active placement

Programs for individuals and groups at all levels

We help transitioning employees at all levels find suitable jobs faster, while you maintain your reputation as a supportive employer.

Because every individual has unique experiences, skills and goals, every transition will be unique. That’s why Lee Hecht Harrison delivers a highly personalized career transition experience tailored to the individual. From front-line staff to C-suite executives, we have the programs to support a variety of career paths, including entrepreneurship, consulting, gig-economy freelance and contract roles, portfolio careers and active retirement.

We have the technology, courses and facilities to meet the needs of a variety of employees to ensure individualized success while meeting your company’s goals and budget.

It’s all about results. We deliver a great career transition experience which results in an equal or better job for your transitioning employees, in the shortest time possible, so they’ll feel better about your company, while reducing your severance and litigation risks.

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