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Leadership and Team Development

Empowering your leaders and team to unlock their potential

The true strength of any organization lies not just in its products, services or strategies, but in the collective potential of its people. LHH is committed to helping companies realize the untapped talent within their workforce.

Are you looking to develop your leadership team?

The future of every organization relies on the strength of its leadership. Is your current team ready for what’s next? Contact us today to speak with industry experts and learn which leadership development programs might work for your business.

For leaders, impactful development inspires their success

What support do your people need?
Women Leaders
Your high-potential women are looking for their next challenge. Invest in their development and support their goal to level-up.
Leading Change
Leaders are looking for guidance on how to support their people through constant change. It’s essential for agility.
First-Time Managers
The life-changing stage when people switch to managers is often neglected. It’s critical to ensure the right level of support.
Mid-Level Managers
Your mid-level leaders are looking for ways to keep their teams engaged and motivated. Their influence drives the business forward.
High Potentials
Top talent are always looking for new growth opportunities. Invest in them upfront, and you’ll hang on to them longer.

Deliver organizational impact

Leadership and team development is an investment in your employees. By doing so, you establish an environment in which your employees can develop and grow, which can benefit your organization in numerous ways.
Develop the talent your business needs
Leadership development supports your business strategy by helping your leaders and managers acquire and further develop the leadership competencies they need to deliver on your business objectives.
Build happier teams
Corporate culture is driven by the morale and attitudes of those at the top. By investing in your leaders, you raise their morale. This helps to raise the morale of other team members, which increases engagement and improves retention.
team meeting
Create better, more impactful leaders
The more impactful your managers, the more productive your employees. Leadership development improves a leaders’ ability to make better decisions on behalf of the organization and to support their direct reports in developing their skills.

Solutions that drive success

Our leadership development solutions facilitate organizations as they strive to understand, develop, and measure their talent and leadership initiatives.
Culture and Leadership Consulting
We help organizations identify the capabilities and
behaviors their people need to enable business
Diagnostics and Assessments
We use talent mapping, talent readiness, and potential
identification to inform key talent and drive strategy
Leadership and Team Development
We help strengthen leadership skills and organizational
outcomes and enhance team alignment and
performance with modular, customizable learning
Personalized, measurable, and scalable: EZRA is the
new way to grow greatness from within.

Our insights

We are committed to helping leaders develop their competencies. Read insights articles to gain best practices and help them thrive.
Why and how to support your first-time managers
First-time managers are feeling the strain. Here’s how to make sure these vital workers are getting the support they need to lead.
Why mentoring matters
Our Global Head of Marketing, Lindsey Ruth, explores the benefits mentoring can bring to companies, looking back on her own experience of the process.
Walking businessman
Walking businessman
Restoring Leadership’s Luster: Increasing the appeal of a leadership career path.
Only eight percent of respondents identified “being part of a leadership team” as a net contributor to a successful working life.

Our leadership framework makes all the difference

We provide an integrated, competency-based approach to develop leaders and measure impact that:
Leverages proven content, norms, and benchmarks to present objective insights.
Links leadership development topics to coaching goals to further deepen and sustain behavior change.
Allows the flexibility to report on LHH solutions using the client’s competency, capability, and values language.
Enables future capability to consistently report on one platform for individual and aggregated data.