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Interim Management

For more than 20 years, LHH has been a leading interim executive management firm, partnering with organizations to provide independent consultants and skilled interim managers to lead business transformations, carry out high-level projects or initiatives, and quickly fill critical leadership positions on an interim basis so you can keep your business moving forward without missing a beat.

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Customized support and flexibility for your recruitment needs

Finding the right talent with the right skills is critical. With specialized consultants across the globe, we can help you find your next role or deliver talent for your organization.
Practice area expertise
Our professionals have the practical knowledge to know what it takes to succeed in a wide range of functional areas.
Industry expertise
With deep knowledge across a variety of industries, we can deliver the talent your organization needs.
Discover your next opportunity
Let’s take the next step of your career journey together.

Client impact

We are committed to helping organizations prepare for what’s next. Learn more about we help our clients make the best decisions for their workforce today and in the future.
Supporting a Major Commercial Bank’s Needs for Customer Service Talent
LHH Recruitment Solutions was able to staff a large customer service team for a major commercial bank.
two man
two man
Supplementing a Big 4 Accounting Firm’s Internal Acquisition Efforts
LHH Recruitment Solutions was able to assemble a dedicated recruiting team & place a large number of qualified CPA consultants to meet our client’s seasonal needs.
old women call
old women call
Staffing a Large Multi-Lingual Document Review Project for Legal Client
LHH Recruitment Solutions recently staffed a multi-lingual language document review project, which required recruiting Spanish and Portuguese-speaking attorneys based in New York.
team working together
team working together
Uncovering Fraud and Mitigating Risk for a Client in the Energy Sector
LHH Recruitment Solutions recently staffed a large-scale accounting fraud audit with on-site and remote teams.

Latest insights

With a deep understanding of the world of work, and powered by knowledge from decades of experience, our experts provide strategic insights and thought-provoking perspectives to help you stay ahead of the competition.
Here’s what makes workers feel like they ‘belong’ at work
Our research shows 3 in 10 workers want to leave their job in the next 12 months. The reasons why are clear. But what if we flipped the question around? For those who don’t want to leave, what makes them feel like they belong where they are?
5 Factors to Determine the Cost of a Bad Hire
How much does a bad hire cost your business? Learning how to reduce the risk of a bad hire can save your business and your employees time and money.
executives talking during meeting
executives talking during meeting
Navigating Hiring Trends to Keep Your Organization Competitive
Employers are continuing to adapt to the changes brought about by what is hopefully a waning global pandemic including remote and hybrid work, a shortage of talent, conflicting economic headwinds and the potential for a recession. Here are some tips to help your organization remain competitive.

Driving global impact for you

We are a trusted partner delivering impact through customized solutions for thousands of diverse companies. The results speak for themselves:
helping professionals across many
disciplines reach their career goals
access to a global network of potential
employers to find the next best job
well-versed in the nuances of each job
market and ready to serve
helping people transition to new jobs
and improve their professional lives
global and local reach, and market
insights for companies of all sizes
making LHH the ideal choice to help
meet your career and business goals