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Divestitures, mergers & acquisitions

We help organizations achieve high levels of performance while navigating the uncertainty in change resulting from divestitures, mergers and acquisitions. These changes require adaptable, engaged managers and employees — along with an effective strategy for retaining key talent.

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Achieving growth while navigating change requires adaptable, engaged managers and employees — along with an effective strategy for retaining key talent.
Create real employee engagement with inspiring programs – both in person and online – and help managers to retain high-potential and high-performing talent.
We help people make successful transitions into new jobs within your company or with new employers.
Develop confident, capable and inspiring leaders who make culture change happen, drive performance and improve employee engagement.
Get accurate insights to make the right talent development decisions and help your leaders become more aware of their strengths and development opportunities.
We enable workforce transformation by helping companies align their culture to their transformation goals, and work with them to assess and prepare their leaders to navigate change.

Additional challenges

Retaining and engaging talent

We help organizations enhance their employer brand by improving the quality of their leaders, providing career development support, and ensuring that employees are kept aware of opportunities to progress internally.

Developing leaders

We deliver comprehensive leadership programmes based on fact-based diagnostics, along with individual assessments and executive coaching to drive sustainable behaviour change.

Building high performance cultures and teams

We work with leaders to develop the skills they need to build high-performance cultures and more effective teams that achieve results.

Finding and attracting talent

We identify the best candidates for your key roles amongst the talent that's leaving some of the world's leading companies.

We’ll help you find a new job or career quickly. 
Every year we help more than 300,000 people around the world find a new job. With thousands of jobs in your industry, connections to more than 7,000 employers and recruiters, and over 2,000 career coaches, we have everything you need to find a new job or career path you'll love.

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