White paper – Analyzing Trends and Trajectories in the Workforce

Promoting from within is vital for retaining talent and sustaining long-term success. Global data from LinkedIn shows employees are 60% more likely to stay with employers that offer real opportunities for internal mobility. However, companies are taking varied approaches, leading to mixed results.
two colleagues discussing career mobility while looking at their tablet

Across the economy and around the world, the specific mix of skills required for any given role is shifting more rapidly than ever before as new technologies transform the ways we do business and live our lives. Against this backdrop, employers must recognize that they can’t rely on continually recruiting new skills – not only will they face tough competition, but before long, their new recruits with in-demand skills will themselves need even newer skills and start seeking opportunities for development. Instead, employers should look to future-proofing their existing workforce by offering opportunities for development and progress internally.


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