Effective resume

Recruiters receive many resumes every day. It is essential to know how to stand out from other candidates thanks to a well written CV, pictures, use of keywords and languages etc. Let LHH share some valuable advice which will help you get a job interview thanks to your resume.
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  • Maintain your information up to date: Phone, address, email, dates of contract…Your search criteria (Full/Part time) and your availability.
  • Opt for a reverse chronological order to describe your education and experience: the most recent elements should come first.
  • Use precise and non-standard keywords to describe your skills and tasks, in relationship to the position you are applying to.
  • Mention the software/s you master and your mother and foreign tongue(s) with your level, and above all be honest with yourself.
  • Write a link to your LinkedIn profile for the recruiter to have more information about your profile.



  • Recruiters can easily check what you have written on your resume. Don’t lie and don’t be too vague.
  • A resume is like a business card. If you add a photo, don’t choose a picture that would be too personal, add a professional photo instead.
  • Don’t write your CV with long sentences. Use keywords instead, describe your tasks with bullet points and choose a pleasant visual aspect.
  • Don’t let the recruiter know you too deeply and personally. Don’t list non relevant hobbies or personal information.
  • To describe your level of language, don’t use unclear terms but the European reference (A1 to C2) instead.