How Temp Work Gives You Flexibility in Turbulent Times

To ride the ups and downs of an uncertain economy, many are on the hunt for a more flexible work life. Temping could be the answer.
A businesswoman and a businessman are smiling and talking about temporary work

Economic crises can cast a storm of uncertainty over our careers. Even the reassuring sturdiness of a permanent role can be uprooted.


In this unpredictable job market, flexible forms of working are a great way to ride the storm. In fact, one global survey revealed 41% of employees are considering switching to a job with more flexible work conditions. And there’s one option that can definitely provide it: temporary work.


Whether they’re raising a family, moonlighting as a piano teacher or even starting their own business, millions have picked up temporary contracts, working on their own terms and navigating the job market with agility. Could it be for you too?


For employers, one of the main reasons to look for temporary workers is to fill a specific skills gap. And this works in a temp’s favor too. Even if one employer decides they no longer need specialists in, say, administration or copywriting, another might be in desperate need. So, if you’ve been laid off by a permanent employer – as many have in recent months – a temp agency can link you up with an organization that needs your expertise.


Maybe your motivation lies a little closer to home. Temp work has a lot to offer here as well. Being able to choose contracts with favorable lengths or weekly hours will enable you to fit a temp role around your schedule. This flexibility is ideal if you’re a working parent looking to balance a job alongside family commitments. Bring in some extra cash and still pick up the kids from school!


An unstable economy can knock our careers off track or make us rethink our options. In a recent global survey by the Adecco Group, as many as one in four people said they were looking to try something new in their next job. If you need to retrain before starting a new role, part-time temp work can provide an extra income source while you bury your head in the books – or online courses.


Turbulent times might blow you off course. But embracing the flexibility of temp working can help you brave your way through them.


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