Job application email: guidelines

Writing an application email is not as easy as it seems. A well-crafted email to introduce yourself is a way of getting the recruiter's attention. Our article summarizes the do's and don’ts when writing your application email.

Applying for a job is not easy and you need to attract the interest of recruiters as quickly as possible. The email you send is an integral part of your application and, as such, it should be as well-crafted as your resume and cover letter. Here, you will find the key steps to know in order to avoid mistakes before clicking "Send."


The era when we used to submit our CV at a company's headquarters is - almost - over. Nowadays, whether you are responding to a job offer or applying spontaneously, it is necessary to send an email. And it has especially become necessary to give your application a chance to be read!


This application email is like the cover of a book. If you don't make recruiters want to read further, the time you spent perfecting your resume and cover letter will be wasted. You must demonstrate your professionalism from the very first line to make a good first impression.


Responding to a job offer: working on the content


How should you write this email? It is important to adopt a professional and formal tone. Although it may seem less formal than a cover letter, your email is still a central element of your application. Starting with a "Dear Sir/Madam" (if you don't know the recipient's name) is a simple but effective way to begin.


In the body of the email, prioritize simplicity. Use short sentences to summarize the reason why you are writing (responding to a job posting, making a spontaneous application). Be precise and keep in mind that companies often have several positions to fill at the same time. Therefore, it is important to make it easy for them by summarizing all the relevant information, so you won't be forgotten among the numerous applicants.


The essential elements


Provide one or two elements explaining what makes you an interesting candidate. This could be work experience similar to the position you are applying for, for example. These few words should encourage recruiters to take a closer look at your profile and read your CV and, your possible cover letter.


Also, remember to pay attention to the subject of your email. An email without a subject line is often deleted without being read. Include the name of the position you are applying for and specify whether you are responding to a job ad or making a spontaneous application.


Don't forget to attach your documents (CV, covering letter) before sending your email. To avoid this situation, you can insert your attachments before writing the body of the message.  Be sure to convert the documents into a universal format (preferably PDF) to avoid any potential reading issues.


Also, make sure you include your contact information in the body of your email. While it may seem pointless since they are listed in your CV, it is essential if recruiters are unable to open your attachments.


Lastly, make sure to conclude your email with a professional and concise signature. It would be a shame to ruin everything with a fancy ending to the message.


Things to avoid in your application email


The main mistake when writing an application email is to repeat in detail the information provided in your CV or to paraphrase your cover letter. Remember that this email should be short and concise. Don't overdo it, otherwise, recruiters will have no interest in reading the rest of your application. This email should be a simple introduction. Keep the best for the attached documents.


Finally, pay attention to your email address. While fancy addresses can be fun in everyday life, it's better to avoid using them when applying to a company. Your first name and last name are sufficient; including your birth or residential department number adds nothing more to your application.


Sobriety and simplicity are the two key elements of an application email. If you have also thought about including attachments in a universal format, your job search is on the right track. If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to contact us. At LHH, we support talents at every step to help them in their careers. Do you want to be supported in your job search? Feel free to contact us!