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Managing burnout in a BANI world

How can businesses assess their leader's capacity for resilience within a BANI climate?
OCT 13, 2023
BANI world

The brittle, anxious, non-linear and incomprehensible (BANI) world has contributed to high levels of workplace burnout that can impact morale, culture, team synergy and productivity. 

LHH, in partnership with Resilience Dynamic, explore the themes around enabling leaders to build a culture of healthy, high performance. Using a data-led approach to workforce resilience and wellbeing, it addresses how businesses can proactively adopt the 'Activation Framework', a stepped approach to de-risk burnout, and build an innovative, adaptive and empathetic teams.


Managing burnout in a BANI world insight


This insight piece dives into the data insights that drives burnout within leaders and employees, and the consequences on talent retention.

It highlights what actions businesses can take to address the causes and steps that can be implemented to achieving a healthy, high-performing organisation. 


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About Resilience Dynamic


At the Resilience Dynamic, we enable organisations create healthy, high performance through resilience, your adaptability. We help clients build an internal resilience capability to enhance the organisation’s capacity for change. Workforce resilience is key to reducing stress, adapting to change, boosting your business & re-energising your people.


Our leading technology platform, the Resilience Dynamic Dashboard®, is the window into organisational resilience data. It equips leaders with the know-how to proactively manage their teams, reduce hot spots and optimally balance workload.


The Resilience Dynamic takes a pragmatic approach whilst maintaining rigour in our methodology. Of crucial importance is the understanding that different employee populations have different resilience needs.

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