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Ajilon Staffing is now LHH Recruitment Solutions

We’ve made a career move of our own! Ajilon is now part of a fully integrated worldwide HR solutions hub. This enables us to expand our capabilities and deliver an unparalleled experience for employers and candidates for years to come.

Specialty help for specific jobs

You have a very specific skill set. Chances are, you also have a definite vision of your next job—the location, the people, the pay. We play the role of coach, advocate and your ticket in— and match you with the ideal opportunity. Specialized talent is currently in high demand and there’s a low supply. We’ll help you capitalize on this job-seekers’ market.



We prepare you for today and for whatever comes next


Our talent solutions are designed to prepare organizations, and the talent that fuels them, to stay focused on immediate needs without losing sight of what’s to come.

We do this by:

  • Aligning your talent strategy to your business needs
  • Understanding current skill gaps and predicting future ones
  • Evolving the skills of your workforce as new capabilities are needed
  • Developing leadership skills to address emerging challenges
  • Finding the right talent to fill capability gaps
  • Helping individuals move forward by taking ownership of their careers

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