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Digital coaching that unleashes limitless potential

With EZRA, we believe professional coaching is a superpower. It can change people’s lives, make teams happier, and turn entire companies into more inclusive, more productive places to be. The proof is in the performance with our personalized, measurable, and scalable assessment tool for the digital age.

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Digital coaching that unleashes limitless potential. See how you can better support your team today.

World-class coaches wherever you are

Our innovative and fully integrated technology enables every essential piece of coaching, from session to worksheets, to be accessible in one place.
All-In-One App
Schedule sessions, access resources, communicate with coaches, and more.
Built-in Assessment
Our EZRA Measure™ technology is integrated directly in the app for seamless and easy assessment.
Progress Tracking
Monthly reports track everything from number of sessions to employee happiness throughout the coaching experience.

Latest insights

With a deep understanding of the importance of executive coaching, our experts provide strategic insights and thought-provoking perspectives on prioritizing coaching and development within your organization.
team celebrate
team celebrate
The benefits of team coaching during times of transformation: 7 insights
More than ever before, organizations need high performing teams— teams who can provide outstanding quality of thinking and solve multi-dimensional and seemingly impossible problems.
man working on tablet
man working on tablet
3 steps to building a coaching culture
A business's success depends on a mix of several factors, including strong leadership, a clear vision, a great product, strategic marketing, and thriving company culture.
woman in the office
woman in the office
3 ways to retain talent by prioritizing coaching & development
As skilled employees continue to look at whether the grass is greener in a new organization, they are leaving huge voids in their former organizations.

Numbers don’t lie

The ROI of professional coaching has never been clearer. Happier and more confident employees are productive employees: it’s not an opinion, it’s a fact.
of participants say they feel more loyal to their company
of participants would recommend coaching to a friend or colleague
improvement in employee retention
of participants say their performance is improving