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Culture and Leadership Consulting

Cultivate a thriving culture and develop leaders

We support organizations identify the capability and behaviors their people need to enable business strategy.

Want to cultivate a thriving company culture?

LHH Organizational Culture solution enables companies to transform their culture in order to drive improved performance.

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Our video insights provide tips to improve your organizational culture

Watch our on-demand videos to uncover advice and guidance for your team.
How can organisations empower teams to be effective?
This webinar explores the themes and issues that help businesses create effective teams.
LHH has cracked the code on team effectiveness
How can greater team effectiveness transform the performance of your organization?

Solutions that drive success

We help organizations identify the capabilities and behaviors their people need to enable business strategy.
Culture and Leadership Consulting
We help organizations identify the capabilities and
behaviors their people need to enable business
Diagnostics and Assessments
We use talent mapping, talent readiness, and potential
identification to inform key talent and drive strategy
Leadership and Team Development
We help strengthen leadership skills and organizational
outcomes and enhance team alignment and
performance with modular, customizable Learning
Coaching with EZRA
Personalized, measurable, and scalable: EZRA is the
new way to grow greatness from within.

Enhancing teams for success

LHH's Team Effectiveness model is built on the foundations of belonging, purpose and agility and how the interconnection of all 3 principles contribute to the creation of an effective team.
Delivers a baseline for success through psychological safety and collective awareness
Drives shared ownership and delivers better results by shifting mindsets
Accelerates business and culture transformation by focusing on shared capabilities and behaviours

Enabling and sustaining high performing teams

Powered by knowledge from decades of experience, our experts provide strategic insights and thought provoking perspectives on cultural consulting and leadership assessment.
How adopting new habits and behaviors over time is key to building effective teams
What are the key components to creating an effective team? Underpinned by recent research, we explore some of the elements which can contribute to a more united, more successful, more agile team.
team meeting
team meeting
Why good workplace culture is the solution to your talent woes
At a time when employers are vying to catch and keep the best talent, the role of a positive workplace culture cannot be underestimated.
Fixing Corporate Culture Dysfunction
In order to fix a broken corporate culture, leaders must examine their own behaviors and weed out toxic and unproductive leadership behaviors that may be leading to dysfunction. Here’s what to look for.
Teams are losing effectiveness. Here’s how to make your teams more effective.
With employees spending more time involved in collaborative activities than ever before, are they bringing the right level of mental and emotional investment to the group to maximize effectiveness?
Why mentoring matters
Our Global Head of Marketing, Lindsey Ruth, explores the benefits mentoring can bring to companies, looking back on her own experience of the process.
Here’s what makes workers feel like they ‘belong’ at work
Our research shows 3 in 10 workers want to leave their job in the next 12 months. The reasons why are clear. But what if we flipped the question around? For those who don’t want to leave, what makes them feel like they belong where they are?

Our leadership framework makes all the difference

We provide an integrated, competency-based approach to develop leaders and measure impact that:
Leverages proven content, norms, and
benchmarks to present objective insights.
Links leadership development topics to
coaching goals to further deepen and sustain
behavior change.
Allows the flexibility to report on LHH solutions using the client’s competency, capability, and values language.
Enables future capability to consistently report on one platform for individual and aggregated data.