Professional Staffing Solutions

Our temporary staffing solutions offer the customized support and flexibility you need to respond to the rapidly changing world of work. Whether you need to scale your team for peak planning and seasonal support or fill crucial gaps to complete a project on time, we can leverage our extensive network of diverse talent to support your needs.

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Customized support and flexibility for your recruitment needs

Finding the right talent with the right skills is critical. With specialized consultants across the globe, we can help you find your next role or deliver talent for your organization.
Practice area expertise
Our professionals have the practical knowledge to know what it takes to succeed in a wide range of functional areas.
Industry expertise
With deep knowledge across a variety of industries, we can deliver the talent your organization needs.
Discover your next opportunity
Let’s take the next step of your career journey together.

Latest insights

With a deep understanding of the world of work, and powered by knowledge from decades of experience, our experts provide strategic insights and thought-provoking perspectives to help you stay ahead of the competition.
5 Ways Temp Talent can Help your Business Thrive
Easily adapt to changing demands in your organization and manage growth by recruiting temporary talent. This infographic explores a few ways this solution can benefit you.
team building
team building
5 reasons to bring in temp workers – a way through the talent drought
Today’s ongoing market uncertainty doesn’t help with hiring. It can prompt frozen budgets and make recruitment even more complicated. Your team is under pressure, your hands are tied - and there’s no let up on the work that still needs to get done. Even if you are free to hire, there’s lingering talent scarcity to contend with. This is why savvy recruiters are seeking respite by tapping into the temporary staff market.
woman with coffe and phone
woman with coffe and phone
Temping your way to a better career
Getting a new job is cause for celebration - but what if you’re still in that job three years on and you haven’t learned any new skills? Temping can help you learn, grow and avoid dead-ends.

Driving global impact for you

We are a trusted partner delivering impact through customized solutions for thousands of diverse companies. The results speak for themselves:
helping professionals across many
disciplines reach their career goals
access to a global network of potential
employers to find the next best job
well-versed in the nuances of each job
market and ready to serve
helping people transition to new jobs
and improve their professional lives
global and local reach, and market
insights for companies of all sizes
making LHH the ideal choice to help
meet your career and business goals