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We surveyed 700 HR experts across Europe to understand why we are failing to build leaders fit for the future.

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What's in a name? Career Transition or Outplacement

Are outplacement and career transition the same thing? We look at what the differences are and whether actions speak louder than words.

Cash vs outplacement

We often get asked whether it is better to offer cash instead of outplacement. So we have compiled some advice on which of these brings the most value to both the individual and the organisati...

Organisational resilience

Find out how you can build organisational resilience with this whitepaper.
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Is your organisation out of shape?

Check out our organisational resilience HR workout and see how you can be part of the 53% who have turned a potential crisis into increased business growth.  

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How West Sussex CC reinvigorated its leadership

Helping 500 managers to help each other was the first step in getting the council back on track

Tammy Heermann on Oil and Gas Industry Leaders

Paige Wilson from the Oil and Gas Global Network (OGGN) sits down with Tammy Heermann, SVP of Leadership Transformation at Lee Hecht Harrison, to talk about her research on what successful organisations are doing differently to advance women in their careers

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