Robots Won’t Take Your Job, But They Will Change it

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From the board rooms all the way to the plant floor, anxiety levels are running high whenever the topic of Artificial Intelligence comes up.  

How many jobs will disappear? How many noble livelihoods today will be replaced by machines that can perform simple tasks quicker, cheaper, and with an agility that allows businesses to adapt quickly to changing market conditions? 

These concerns are understandable; it’s our natural fear of the unknown. Largely, however, they are misplaced.  

There is real change coming in the workplace, but it is not going to ruin businesses or livelihoods. In fact, it will likely make our working lives better than ever before.
In a keynote address to the Detroit Economic Club, Lee Hecht Harrison President Ranjit de Sousa explored these challenges and trends, and provided some simple suggestions on how you can meet the AI future head on.

Mr. de Sousa will show you that, in the age of AI, we all have to embrace the change, not hide from it.

Watch the keynote here.

Let’s talk about workplace learning strategies that prepare your people for the future.

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