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Feeling the pressure to reduce costs and keep your workforce engaged? LHH can help you address financial pressures and help your employees thrive.lhh overview

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New resources for HR teams

Layoff Notifications Essential Guide

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Looking for affordable outplacement support or a longer-term workforce planning discussion? LHH can help.


·       Career Transition & Mobility

·       Coaching

·       Leadership Development

·       Change Management

·       Assessments & Analytics

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Why work with LHH?

We have the scale, the expertise and the insight to identify opportunities and deliver them.


why LHH 



Layoff and redundancy concerns

How do we manage cost pressures while also addressing individual, social and community impact?

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Be ready for the future

What training and coaching can we provide to help people adapt to new working conditions?

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Filling key talent gaps

How do we continue to fill key, open roles without the ability to add expense into the business during uncertain times?

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Agile and adaptive leadership

How do we build leaders who can drive transformation at the speed required for our business to thrive?

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Leading virtual teams

How do we quickly develop leaders who can keep their teams engaged, productive and collaborative in a virtual working environment?

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Supporting leaders through uncertainty

How do we deliver essential coaching to managers and leaders in this challenging time?

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We help people find jobs and jobs find people. Welcome to Active Placement. 

Layoff decisions are never easy. At a minimum, organizations must equip departing individuals with the outplacement support necessary to find and thrive in their next role. At LHH, we’ve evolved traditional outplacement to “active placement” which pairs our dedicated personal career coaches with today’s digital hiring methods, providing each candidate with a transformative experience.


LHH helps people find jobs and jobs find people



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The Active Placement experience

Learn more about Active Placement directly from Marcus, a recent active placement candidate.


The LHH Active Placement Experience
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candidate journey

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Active Placement Overview

What makes LHH’s Active Placement different? We have the scale, human expertise and technology to ensure your departing colleagues land better jobs, faster.


winning formula


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Want to learn more about our affordable and flexible Active Placement programs?

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 We believe that organizations are better when everyone has a coach. 


At LHH, we have a variety of coaching solutions including Ezra, an intuitive, app-based professional coaching solution that can be scaled across your entire organization. Ezra combines the ready-made LHH network of tried-and-tested coaches with brand new technology making coaching more accessible. Because Ezra is an app, clients are able to find, select and schedule time with coaches they choose, all in one place.

Ezra combines the ready-made LHH network of tried-and-tested coaches with brand new technology making coaching more accessible. Because Ezra is an app, clients are able to find, select and schedule time with coaches they choose, all in one place. 


border 2Who uses Ezra? We’d say everyone, but we’ve seen it work particularly well for these groups.


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How does Ezra work?


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How Ezra helps businesses


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Interested in building a coaching culture within your company or a solution specifically designed for leadership and front-line managers? LHH has you covered there too. Speak with an expert

LHH supports your team’s evolving priority list with a range of flexible, cost-effective and easy to implement outplacement and talent development solutions.

Welcome to our Be Ready solutions. Consisting of two tracks, one for leaders and managers and one for individual contributors, these solutions are tried and true and easy to implement.

Be Ready for your future

Ideal for:

·       Individual contributors

·       High potentials

·       Early & mid-career employees


·       Engage & retain individual contributors in business-critical roles

·       Set your people up for success with actionable development plans

·       Enhanced employee value proposition

·       More informed future development investments based on analytics

Program Components

Be Ready for your Future

Learn more about Be Ready for your future


Be Ready to lead

Ideal for:

·       Managers

·       Leaders


·       Accelerate agile team performance and strengthen your leaders’

     personal resilience

·       Improve virtual leadership capabilities for managing engagement,

     productivity and well-being

·       Build new leadership skills to coach each other and their team

·       Drive better communication and open the channels to ongoing

      collaborative innovation

Program Components


Be Ready to Lead

Learn more about Be Ready to Lead

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LHH has over 50 years of experience helping companies:

    • Needing to temporarily reduce talent costs, but want to bring people back into their jobs
    • Reduce costs immediately through layoffs, but want to in the most socially responsible way
    • Reduce talent costs but fill new roles in order to keep business afloat
    • Fill new roles (temporary or permanent) as fast as possible due to rapid growth


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