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We help leaders and managers learn to embrace and develop new competencies and behaviors, like empathy and EQ, resilience, agility, and virtual communication.

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Developing adaptive leaders


Successful leadership development isn’t achieved through the application of competency models, multi-day offsites, or teaching complex theories, but rather by providing leaders with the skills they need to activate their proactive personality at every key career moment.


We take a human-centered approach, enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure that every leader has access to the latest, most relevant, curated content available. Modalities include assessments, instructor-led sessions, and e-learning — enhanced and sustained through individual and/or group coaching.


Our approach to helping leaders reach their full potential is based on a few core principles:


  • Every leader is extraordinary.
  • Never learn alone.
  • Expertise at your fingertips.
  • Coaching at the heart.

Leadership development


Traditional leadership development has been based on the flawed theory that everyone follows the same linear path to reaching their full potential. But the world has changed and it’s clear that there are no straight lines on the path towards great leadership.


It’s time for a radically different approach that works for leaders and their companies. Your leaders and managers need to embrace and develop new competencies and behaviors like greater empathy and EQ, resilience, agility, and virtual leadership.


We design development interventions around the key transitions and reinventions every leader faces, so they can reach their full potential through every stage of their non-linear, fluid, unpredictable careers.


  • Flexible, modular content distributed over time.
  • Truly personalized, blended learning experiences focused on reflection and habit change.
  • Appropriate balance between developing strengths and managing derailers.
  • Activation and transfer are the heroes – not the learning event.

Learning journeys


LHH leadership development modules come to life through adaptive learning journeys that enable personalized development across the key career moments every leader experiences.


  • Integrate. When leaders are new to a team, function, or organization, we help them step in with greater self-awareness to build relationships and hit the ground running.
  • Elevate. When leaders are stuck where they are, we help them explore the barriers and step up to reboot their careers.
  • Navigate. We help new leaders move through the choppy waters of organizational life, where success is measured in terms of the output of others.
  • Accelerate. When you recognize the leadership potential of those on the cusp of greatness, we help them achieve superstar status. 

Coaching for everyone


Coaching expertise

Expectations of leaders and the need for coaching have evolved, and so is our ability to serve you. The speed of this change is such, that teams need a more convenient way to implement executive coaching across their organizations.


High-quality coaching services supercharged by EZRA’s behavioural science, innovative technology, and incredible reporting capabilities provide you with robust data and insights.


 The benefits include:


  • Improved data, analytics and reporting for all clients
  • Reduced admin for client team administering coaching
  • Same high-quality coaching; made more accessible and affordable through technology.

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