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So much about the world we work in has changed. And the changes keep coming faster, in new forms, and with increased impact on the workforce. Leaders need new capabilities and a new way of thinking to succeed.

Transform your leaders with the mindsets and skillsets needed to inspire, engage and succeed.

Accountable manager

Accountable Manager

The Accountable Manager 


As the people who lead and empower the largest population of workers in your company, frontline managers are expected to keep up with constant technological and business changes while delivering on organizational objectives through their teams. And as many organizations are now asking their employees to work from home, managers  need to find new ways to engage and motivate their teams virtually.  Your frontline leaders have greater responsibility than ever before, yet many of them may not have the  experience and ongoing support  they need to accomplish their goals.


LHH’s The Accountable Manager helps your frontline leaders build their confidence by targeting the mindsets and critical skills required to lead in a way that engages employees and achieves business results—and includes essential content needed to lead in the virtual and digital era. Through a blended approach, managers are given the opportunity to immediately apply what they have learned and gain the support they need through long-term reinforcement.  The Accountable Manager is organized around building blocks to drive accountability at the personal, team and organizational level.

The Accountable Manager is a leadership development program created and wholly-owned by Dr. Vince Molinaro based on his New York Times bestselling book The Leadership Contract™. The Accountable Manager program is part of LHH’s global leadership offerings.


leadership contract

The leadership contract

The Leadership Contract


The shortage of quality leaders who step up to guide organizations into the future is arguably the biggest talent issue facing companies today. Based on LHH’s global research, 72% of organizations agree that leadership accountability is a critical business issue, yet only 31% are satisfied with the levels in their own workplace. Companies need leaders who are committed to getting important work done, moving things forward in their organizations, and taking personal ownership for their words, actions and outcomes.


If you want different results, you have to take a different approach. LHH is at the forefront of helping organizations drive real accountability. The Leadership Contract is a set of integrated solutions that improve the accountability of senior leaders and teams, bridging the gap between company expectations and current performance. The programs are based on four terms and conditions for becoming great leaders:


• Leadership is a decision – Make it

• Leadership is an obligation – Step up

• Leadership is a community – Connect

• Leadership is hard work – Get tough


© Molinaro, Vince (2018), The Leadership Contract (3rd Edition), John Wiley and Sons – All Rights Reserved


Women in Leadership


Elevating Women in Leadership


Your people leaders are the key to shaping an inclusive culture where women believe that leadership is a possible career path. Leaders need to actively champion female talent and create opportunities for women to thrive and advance. Companies must continue to support women in their development, offer meaningful formal practices, and hold leaders accountable for creating an inclusive environment. 


LHH’s Elevating Women in Leadership is an immersive program that accelerates the development of female leaders and creates a pipeline of women who will inspire, drive results, and take on future leadership roles. It also provides insight for people leaders so they not only learn how to become great talent managers, but also how to help with the headwinds that women often face in the workplace.


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