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Strengthen your organization’s insights into your people, identify strengths and development opportunities, define workforce capabilities and organize and plan your workforce.

Talent represents the single largest element of your firm’s budget, and your business’s growth depends greatly on the quality and readiness of that talent. Yet, how much do you really know about it?  Do you have the insight you need to act with confidence?

Lee Hecht Harrison’s (LHH) talent assessments and analytics provide objective, actionable insights into your talent and leaders. With in-depth, objective information about your people, you can make informed decisions about who are the best candidates to hire, who are the employees with the highest potential for success, and which leaders have what it takes to drive your company’s current and future success

The types of assessments in the LHH portfolio include: psychometric assessments, work simulations, interviews, multi-rater assessments, team assessments, and organizational surveys. We offer what no one else can:

  • Full range of best-in-class assessments that examine all aspects of leadership
  • Research-based leadership models that can be adapted to your company
  • Talent insights contextualized to your company and culture quickly and easily
  • Flexible delivery options that include online, individual assessment, assessment centers, and many others
  • Consistent delivery and implementation support across the globe

Meet our assessment experts

Headshot of Matt Such

Matthew Such

Senior Vice President - Assessment, Diagnostics and Analytics
United States
Headshot of Matt Such

Matthew Such

Senior Vice President - Assessment, Diagnostics and Analytics
United States
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Matthew Such, Ph.D. is the SVP, Assessment, Diagnostics, and Analytics. Matt has nearly 20 years of experience in the development, management, and implementation of talent measurement product strategy and programs. In this role, Matt will focus on integrating assessment and diagnostic solutions into broader LHH offerings as well as embed analytics into them.

Matt has spent time at Aon Consulting, First Advantage, and most recently comes from CEB Talent Assessment. Across these experiences, he delivered and had commercial accountability for assessment and analytics programs.

Matt also has significant experience setting firm-wide commercial and delivery strategy, with particular emphasis on how to integrate assessment content and technology into effective client delivery models. Matt holds a Doctoral degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Central Michigan University. He is a member of the American Psychological Association, Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and is a past president of the Michigan Association of I/O Psychologists. He is located in Minneapolis, MN.

Our assessment and analytics services

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