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Our digital toolkit ignites employability by putting employees in the driver's seat and giving managers the skills they need to support their people along their career journeys.


Meeting the needs of today’s modern learner.

Our DevelopMe Digital Toolkit delivers robust Career Development resources for employees and managers. Mobile-optimized and available anytime, anywhere, on any device, learning is relevant, intuitive and actionable for everyone. This easily configurable and scalable digital solution drives productive career planning for employees and helps managers to have more effective career conversations, whether your teams are in one location, geographically dispersed or  completely virtual.

  • For employees, easy-to-understand assessments provide insights and recommended actions throughout the career journey.
  • Gamification and microlearnings deliver a user experience that keeps employees engaged and encouraged by their own progress.
  • Career Discussion Planners build confidence and skills for important career conversation.
  • For managers, assessments help them benchmark their talent development skills, understand their people, and measure retention risks.
  • Coach training empowers managers to help their people grow in your organization and to align key contributors to future opportunities.

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