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The International Centre for Executive Options (ICEO) is the only global boutique practice in the world that delivers bespoke career advisory services for sitting and transitioning senior leaders.

With over 50 years of experience in executive career consulting and leadership development, our highly accomplished advisors have supported countless leaders around the globe to assess, identify, and successfully navigate the next chapter in their career and life journey.
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About us
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Trusted career partner to the world’s top business leaders

We work in collaboration with each executive to identify unique career opportunities and create a bespoke career plan to help them fulfil their achieve their goals.

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Hand picked team of industry practitioners and specialist advisors

ICEO’s specially selected advisors and subject matter experts bring their own extensive business and personal experience to better engage with the executive on a peer-to-peer level, and to develop their career options with integrity.

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About ICEO

We partner with senior leaders, organisations and boards as they navigate critical personal and organisational decisions and the complex challenges associated with senior leadership transitions and other executive career needs.

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The ICEO experience

Our service is built around the unique needs of each executive. An In-depth assessment of their skills, interests, passions and motivators serve as a foundation for identifying and evaluating possible career options and building a team of specialist advisors around them to achieving their career plan.

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Global reach for global opportunities

ICEO works with senior leaders in 16, strategically located global hubs and supplemented by on-demand access to LHH offices in 71 countries - providing maximum opportunities for local, national and global career interests.

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Create valuable connections through our exclusive networks

With credibility and connectivity into more than 12,000 LHH customer firms worldwide and an unparalleled network of global and local influencers and business leaders, we introduce our candidates to accomplished decision makers who offer direction and opportunities.

ICEO benefits

Bespoke career services for leaders


ICEO supports the unique career pursuits of accomplished senior leaders. Their professional and personal goals form the foundations of our bespoke offering which is personalised around each ICEO candidate to give them the dedicated support and access to the resources they need to achieve their career goals.


We partner with senior leaders, organisations and boards as they navigate critical personal and organisational decisions and the complex challenges associated with senior leadership transitions and other executive career needs. Our bespoke services and solutions build on over five decades of global leadership consulting experience, bringing together deep sector and advisory expertise to inform strategic talent decisions and career planning.



Hand picked team of specialist advisors


Our specialist advisors support leaders in achieving their goals which could range from managing their personal brand, assessment, strategic networking and relationship building, business information research, and board service. Our ICEO Advisors provide a systematic approach to networking that brings efficiency and structure to an otherwise daunting undertaking, enabling executives to fully leverage their networks and ours.


ICEO advisors bring both national and international experience, reflecting the executive career opportunities to those operating at the highest level. Networking at the senior executive level in the pursuit of new opportunities can be a complex and delicate process with reputational risk. 



“In today’s talent war, it’s really important that businesses manage their employment brand. Engaging in ICEO services is a way to really respect the individual executive, and that ultimately reflects positively on the business brand.”
ICEO Client, 2022


Experience the ICEO service

ICEO executives are different

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ICEO Sue conder

Sue Conder

Executive Leadership Advisor, coach, chartered business psychologist, speaker

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ICEO Mike Smith

Mike Smith

Private equity, NED roles, Entrepreneurship and business mentoring, Work and well being

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ICEO David cooper

David Cooper

Executive Assessment, Executive Coaching, Risk Management, Due Diligence, Succession Planning

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ICEO Neville Hounsome

Neville Hounsome

Food manufacturing Engineering and outsourced services, Public sector (policing and NHS), Housing associations

Read more
ICEO dylan jones

Dylan Jones

General Management, Private Equity, Turnaround Leadership, Board Advisory

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Glen Steward ICEO

Glenn Steward

Marketing/Sales/Retail, Leadership Coaching, Strategy Development, General Management

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Ian Ogilvie

Ian Ogilvie

General Management, Operations, Business Services, Offshoring and Outsourcing

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Ross Emerson

Ross Emerson

Senior Leadership Development, Executive Transition, Executive Team Coaching and Development, Succession and On Boarding

Read more
Helen Rose ICEO

Helen Rose

Financial & operational management, Transformational change, Mergers and acquisitions, Diversity and inclusion, Sustainability

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Rachel Maguire

Rachel Maguire

Career transition, Leadership development, Non Executive Director, Establishing a varied portfolio career

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Tony Walsh ICEO

Tony Walsh

Strategic Planning and Delivery, Client Proposition Development, Risk Management, People Development and Coaching

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Melissa Lund ICEO

Mellissa Lund

Image and personal brand review, Wardrobe review and management, Practical follow-up

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Sally Edwards ICEO

Sally Edwards

Personal presentation, Interview preparation and rehearsal

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Ingrid Lacey

Ingrid Lacey

Personal presentation, Interview preparation and rehearsal

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Nancy Garrison ICEO

Nancy Garrison

AC Accredited Executive Coach, Hogan certified

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Clare Murray

Clare Murray

Business Psychologist

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Stephen Breslin

Stephen Breslin

Reputation management, Corporate communications, Media relations

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3rd Floor
33 Cavendish Square
+44 (0)203 089 7211





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